Fishbon Clothing Swap at the Pescadrome

Last week I went to a clothing swap–and it was pretty much awesome. A bunch of women got together and brought old clothes that they never wear anymore, laid them all out, socialized as they eyed the clothing and waited for everything to finish getting organized, and then had a free-for-all. Scarves, skirts, and estrogen flew everywhere as women scavenged for cute clothes that fit. Whatever you wanted and could get your hands on, was yours. All free! It’s the best idea ever. Not only do you get rid of the old clothes sucking up space, but you get new (to you, at least) clothes in return. No minimums, no quotas. Just what you want to give and what you want to take. In today’s economy, events like this one are a godsend. You get new clothes, and might try a style that perhaps you wouldn’t normally wear because you don’t have to worry about whether or not its worth the price. Paired with appetizers and cocktails, it’s a romping good time.

If events like this happened seasonally–or perhaps even more regularly–it would be a great new way to update a wardrobe. And if you pick up something you eventually decide you don’t like or never will wear, you can just swap it out at the next one. And any clothes that aren’t picked up at the swap are donated to Goodwill. Fabulous, huh?

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