Got Milk (Suggestions)?

When it comes to the essential vitamins and nutrients, the one I always seem to have trouble including in my diet is calcium. Does anyone have any suggestions for low fat, low calorie options to get my daily double dose?

Mot dairy options I find (like cheese and ice cream–so yummy, yet so bad for you) are not worth the caloric content since this is supposed to be a daily part of my diet. I’ve picked up yogurt and those 100-calorie pudding snacks. But there’s only so much you can eat before you get pudding-ed out. Plus I need two servings a day. Two of those and I’ve consumed 1/4 of my daily calorie/fat allowance, which frankly, I’d rather be spending on something else more filling.

I’ve started drinking a glass of nonfat milk, but I don’t particularly enjoy it. Are there any options for dressing up milk (besides Nesquick or Hershey’s)? I’m also taking calcium supplements but I don’t really trust them as much as real food. I’m always afraid my body won’t absorb the nutrients as well as with real produce, which comes with it’s own natural carriers and absorbers.

Does anybody have anything they think I should try?

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5 thoughts on “Got Milk (Suggestions)?

  1. I drink slim fast for breakfast every morning, and instead of 8oz of milk I used 12oz. So that's a serving and a half right there. Also, part-skim string cheese is a good one.

  2. Does slim fast come in powder form that you add to milk, or is it the can stuff?

  3. I use the powder, I think it tastes better. And and milk product that doesn't have to be refrigerated kind of scares me. I drink Slimfast ultima, either milk chocolate or chocolate royale (there are a bunch of chocolate varieties. They are really good, the bf even likes them.

  4. If you do decide to take a supplement, New Chapter's Bone Strength is a mineral complex from the Sea. It has a name patented AlgeaCal and it is the rage in Europe. The Sea vegetable, Kelp, is a good mineral source too!