For my dissertation, I’m trying to come up with easy ways to refer to the high schools I worked with that makes them easily identifiable in the context of the book but still preserves their anonymity. Something short and sweet, so I don’t have to keep saying “the homogeneous, upper-income, predominantly white school” or “the diverse, bi-modal school” every time I want to refer to them.

I have three schools:

1) fairly homogeneous, predominantly white, mid-upper income. (Top test scores of the three schools)

2) bi-modal racially and economically. It is half rich white kids and half poor Hispanic kids. (Second best test scores of the three schools.)

3) predominantly low-income Hispanic, the rest of the students are a mixed bag of white, Asian, black, etc. (Lots of gang activity in the surrounding neighborhood and lowest test scores of the three schools.)

“Alpha”, “Beta”, and “Gamma” have already been used in someone else’s work. The only descriptors I can come up with are colorful enough to get me my a** whooped. So I am in desperate need of help. Any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Blankety-Blank-H-S

  1. How bout Vanilla, Chocolate, and Latte? orBush, Sharpton, and Obama?Just kidding ;)