Wardrobe Fail

I went to the market today, and as I was paying for my groceries, the guy bagging the groceries complimented me on my shirt. He went on in quite some detail about the little images that were printed on the shirt and how he really liked all of them. I smiled and said “thank you”, paid for my things and went on my way.

Then I got home and happened to walk past the mirror. That’s when I realized the shirt I was wearing today is a tiny bit see-through and my bra was…shall we say, slightly off-center. And thus bagger-boy had most likely seen more than just shirt. I’m officially never wearing this shirt in public again. Wardrobe fail.

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4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Fail

  1. ROFL. Well, you have to admit that he went to great lengths to check you out. You could be proud of the fact that you have nice enough assets that someone would want to look at them. Okay, that is probably a bad "guy" thing to say, but I am just trying to find a silver lining for you. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Haha, thanks! Of course, when I told Toby about this, he thought it was a wardrobe success. Men.