Where, Oh Where Have the Accoutrements Gone?

Hats need to come back in style. Yes, I know some people wear hats (especially baseball hats) all the time. But I think it’s mostly guys who do so and a few brave girls looking cute with a special outfit. But we as a collective don’t wear hats all the time, everywhere, like we used to in the old days. Like the 1920s when everyone was bedecked with an embellishment for their noggin.

Hats need to be a staple accessory like socks. Or maybe watches. They’re so expressive; I think the kind of hat someone wears and how they wear it can say a lot about a person.

I have a couple of hats I love, and I would wear them every day, except I feel awkward doing so. As if people think I’m trying too hard to be cute, when really I’m not…I just like my hats. So I end up never wearing my hats because most of the time it doesn’t feel appropriate.

Maybe the biggest area where the social acceptability of hats needs to change is at work, in the corporate office. People used to wear hats to work every day. Now if you come in with a hat, people would look at you funny. Or maybe even suspect you’re unprofessional. I hate when people choose stupid reasons to think others are unprofessional.

But I digress. I think if it was acceptable to wear hats to work, people would wear hats more often.

Maybe I should be taking advantage of the fact I no longer work in a corporate office. Maybe I should just dare to wear my hats. Maybe I can boldly go where no hat has gone before. Maybe I can single-handedly change the hat world, one hat at a time.

Ha ha, or maybe I can just get over myself and wear the stinkin’ hat.

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2 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where Have the Accoutrements Gone?

  1. All the girls wore black fedoras in Vegas on Saturday night. We got lots of attention and it was fun. I even learned how to do the cool "roll hat down my arm and put on my head" trick.

  2. Awesome, on both counts! Next time we get together you'll have to show me that trick!