Nuala & Garren Get Hitched!

Yesterday, yesterday
In a land that time forgot
Nuala Mansard and Garren Fisher
Lately did tie the knot.

In a sacramental service
Oh so beautiful, intimate, and sweet
At the Santa Barbara Mission Rose Garden
Two beloved hearts did meet.

Some pretty pictures
Toby that day took
So all that maybe wish to
Can later have a look.
And under threat of Michele’s fury
Hellfire, damnation, and rot
Toby processed them and published them
Where all can be quickly seen and got.

They look so happy!
They glow with such bliss!
Nuala smiles lightly, lovely and often
As she gazes at her man.
And well you can see love shines bright
When Garren gazes at his lamb.

And a muppet in his pocket
Apparently ’tis what I am.

We are so honored to have been a part of this glorious, wonderful and special day.
Congratulations, newlyweds!
(Apologies for the crappy poem. This is why I am not a poet.)

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4 thoughts on “Nuala & Garren Get Hitched!

  1. Jade that was lovely and I love the poem!I especially love the part about Michele since when we got the email with all the pictures we knew it was because Michele threatened to hurt him…hee hee

  2. hee hee. she definitely put the fear of God in was a beautiful wedding and we're so happy we got to be there to witness it!love you! and tequila tasting tonight! woohoo!

  3. That was an awesome poem. I got chided for not making my toast a rhyming toast, so thank goodness someone made some rhymes.