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So….My submission for You Capture this week kind of sucks. When I saw the challenge this week was “the feeling of fall”, I was like damnit...’cuz I live in Santa Barbara. And in Santa Barbara, we don’t have fall. We have two seasons. One season is “Wow, it’s rather warm!” and the other is “Oh, it’s mildly brisk! I should bring a jacket, just in case!” (Aaaannnd…really they can’t be called seasons because they kind of mix and match according to the whims of whatever weather gods there might be, and which of them are working that day. Apparently.) I thought of taking photos of pumpkins, because pumpkins put me in a fall mood. And I luuurve pumpkin anything: pumpkin spice lattes (YUM), pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin spice ice cream, pumpkin spice milkshakes, pumpkin butter straight out of the jar (what? don’t judge.)…nom nom nom! But alas, I was friggin’ busy this week and the only pumpkins around anywhere are the sort-of-not-really-ready-for-sale ones at the grocery store. And I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store. And I kind of feel semi-retarded taking photos at the grocery store. And my husband, who is a professional photographer, once took photos of me at the grocery store and we kind of got in a fight with and were kicked out by the store manager. Soooo….moving on. Heh heh heh (nervous laughter and ultra-wide angelic grin)…

I even complained to my husband that I was going to suck this week at capturing “the feeling of fall”. And he was like, “Why? That’s easy! All you need is a ladder and a few too many drinks! Come on, I’ll help! I’ll hold the camera.”

Thanks, babe.

So, after turning down my husband’s helpful suggestion, I took this picture:

youcapture_fallMy favorite flannel sheets. I love the pattern (which looks like fall to me), and I always pull these out in fall and winter because they are oh so warm and soft and cuddly. So warm, my husband gets too hot and has to sleep on the couch and I get the bed all to myself! Just kidding. They are really warm though. And soft and cuddly. So these sheets, for me, are what makes me think of fall (that, and pumpkin spice lattes).

Too bad it’s like 90 degrees out still.

For more – and much, much better – captures of fall, click over to Beth’s website, I Should Be Folding Laundry. Or, better yet, join the challenge and You Capture the feeling of fall!

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19 thoughts on “you capture – fall

  1. Ha! I love your definition of the two seasons. Your flannel sheets are absolutely beautiful and you seem to have a very helpful hubby! Great post…I think you captured Fall perfectly!

  2. I'm with you on pumpkin everything! The Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes just kill me….in a good way :)

    Oh and I recently took out my flannel sheets…so cozy!

  3. What a funny post. :) I think you did just fine capturing fall. I would totally snuggle up with that blanket and a pumpkin latte. Speaking of pumpkin, you made me so hungry with all those yummy things!

  4. I agree you didn't have a lot to work with, but you did a great job with what you had! I love the flannel sheets :)

  5. !!

    WHERE did you get those sheets? Our bedding is all-flannel all-the-time, and I'm always looking for something more interesting than dull-colored monochrome flannel and never finding it. Do you remember where yours came from?

  6. Those sheets are beautiful! And I'm really feeling the need for something "pumpkin" myself. The local chocolate place makes and amazing frozen pumpkin chai. Yum.

  7. Thanks everyone! I found the sheets at Costco and was so excited, had to grab them right up! Hehe, my hubby sure is a crack up. Makes me smile, even if his suggestions are less than helpful. :)

  8. Fantastic fall feeling! I'm jealous of your 90-degree weather, here in Wisconsin! At least you've got the yummy pumpkin foods taken care of! Oooooh, I'm craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  9. Jade,

    Thanks so much for visiting over at my place today and for your kind comments :) I love the sheets. I'd put them on my bed and thoroughly enjoy them for about 20 minutes–then I'd get all hot and it would be me leaving my husband all alone! I had to laugh, too, because I came very close to taking a picture of my sheets which are a deep, deep pumpkin orange. And we can totally bond over the pumpkin thing :)