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After the Burn Part II of IV

This week’s You Capture challenge delights me because it turns out to be a challenge I met without even knowing what it was. Photograph something you’ve never photographed before. Going to Burning Man already makes that easy. Having never even taken a camera there before means I didn’t even have to narrow my options. And then, of the photos I had taken, I chose sunrise. I chose sunrise because I’m normally never up anywhere near in time to be aware of the existence of sunrise.

But most importantly, sunrise on the playa is my favorite of all places and times.

youcapture_sunrise1There was a large swing set where the swings were made of full-size couches. I loved to sit, swinging gently on the couches as I watched the sun slowly light the playa.

youcapture_sunrise2One of the first mornings I took our French friend out to see the sunrise and saw the awe light up his face. I gloried in the sweet, shared moment between friends.

youcapture_sunrise3Of all the experiences shared there, this is one I will always take with me.

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10 thoughts on “you capture – something you’ve never captured before

  1. Thanks everyone!

    @AmandaW, I can honestly say it's the experience of a lifetime and I hope you find your way there someday!