after all, what are friends/blogs for?

cupsI was sitting with a good friend the other day, chatting companionably over sweets, when I remarked that sometimes I think my blog gets too heavy. Because I talk about serious things maybe too often. Because I’m better at writing about the serious stuff and my style of joking doesn’t always translate well into the written word. I try to lighten it up, but then I clam up entirely with the pressure and nothing to say.

My friend said, “No, of course not. You’re writing about the things you’re thinking about. It’s like a journal, and it’s great to have this thing you can go back and look at later, a record of your thoughts and life and stuff.”

I laughed. “I’ve never been any good at keeping a journal. I’ve never had the discipline for it.”

“Mine was always full of things that I look back on and am like, ‘What was I thinking?’” my friend laughed. “Like how I got a fabulous new purse and thought I was all grown-up, a real WOMAN.”

“Oh yeah!” I said. “I totally did that too! Like wearing high heels and suddenly thinking I’m such a sophisticated woman (though come to think of it, I think I still try to pretend high heels grant me a layer of sophistication). Diaries are always full of crap like that. When I did write diary entries, they were always things like, ‘Oh, I hope he likes me! Oh, I happened to pass him in the hall today and I even said hi to him and he totally said hi back! I wonder if that means he likes me too!’ Except, by “happened to” I mean I figured out his class schedule and practically stalked him in between classes.” And by “practically” I mean I did. Like every day.

We giggled like schoolgirls and I said, “I’m totally blogging about this.”

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One thought on “after all, what are friends/blogs for?

  1. I love your seriousness and your humor. I don't think I'm all that funny most of the time, but every once in a while I get into the mode of story telling and out comes my small streak of humor. For me, that's what makes the bloggy world. Lots of people putting out there the parts of themselves they are most confident in…and every once in a while showing a more hidden side of themselves.