addressed to anonymous

sidewalksceneHave you ever left things unsaid? Is there anything you wish you could say, but haven’t, or someone you wish you could talk to, but can’t? What if you had the chance to change that?

There is a new blog called “Addressed to Anonymous” that tries to deal with this very thing. As the blog author explains:
“Yesterday I had a lot of emotions I wanted to purge. I wrote them and sealed them in a letter, but had no where to send it to. So I got to thinking…what if there was somewhere to send that letter anonymously. Some place to put it out into the universe and maybe even to get response (not from the intended recipient, but from someone who could relate or just wanted to provide comfort and wisdom). Out of this I started a new idea/blog/community share site. Addressed to Anonymous. What do you have to say that you can’t or just haven’t? Who would you write a letter to if it could be anonymous? Don’t tell me on here…start writing the letter.”

Do you have something to purge? If so, maybe it would help to send an anonymous letter out into the ether. You never know. Even the process of writing the letter alone can be profoundly cathartic.

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6 thoughts on “addressed to anonymous

  1. Oh come on! I just post the letters on my own blog and alienate friends! Doesn't EVERYONE do that? Oh, wait. It's just boldness (or stupidity) that drives me to be brutally honest. *wink* This is a great idea. I just hope that the trolls don't attack.

  2. This – NOT insanity – is why I have long, imaginary conversations alone on my front porch at night.

  3. ::sigh:: I have imaginary conversations in my head all the time. Not insanity either. Just things I wish I could have said. Mostly how I SO would have won that argument if I had just said "x". :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this on your site. It is people like you that will help to make this project successful. I need more people writing letters, so the more people that know of it the better chance we have!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.