tell it to me tuesdays – sometimes i…

Sometimes I place my hands on my belly…
sometimesI…and wonder what it would feel like to feel another life inside.

How would you finish the phrase: “Sometimes I…”?

The Rules
I think there is real power in the human voice, as flawed as it may be. And when the voices speak together, when you have a multitude of voices speaking, patterns begin to emerge and there you can begin to understand truth. So in the spirit of the personal narrative, I am hosting a weekly challenge every Tuesday morning, where I will post a topic (ranging from the banal to the intimate) and ask readers to respond. I would love to see everyone’s answers and how similar and different they all are.

You can respond in any way you choose. You can give a fictional response or a true one. You can use words, sentences, and/or photographs. If you have a blog, you can link it with Mr. Linky below. Please be sure to include “Tell It To Me Tuesdays” in the title, and link back to this post. Feel free to use the “Tell It To Me Tuesday” button available to the right. If you don’t have a blog, but want to join in, you can just leave a comment. Please follow the rules. I don’t want to have to delete links. I like links! Don’t make me delete them.

Next week’s challenge
: Complete this phrase: “I wish I could say…”

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6 thoughts on “tell it to me tuesdays – sometimes i…

  1. Well let me tell you… It feels amazing, unreal, warm, bubbly, like your pants are too tight, and like you can't live unless you get a burrito right this second, like your pants are even tighter, exhausting, restful and exciting… with a little nervous thrown in for good measure.