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tick tock goes the clockTime can be one of the most frustrating things: a thing that isn’t even a thing. It’s not tangible and yet you feel it. It’s not visible, but you can see the effects of its processes. We don’t even know what it is, how it operates, or even whether it’s a construct made up in our own heads.

It moves too fast when you want it to go slow. It drags too slow when all you want is for it to pass by. It seems sluggish when you’re a child. It seems to disappear as you age.

It seems to be disappearing a lot lately and I’m not even that old.

And yet…and yet…I want it to go by faster. Just now. Just for the next few months. Because there is something I’m about to embark upon; something about to begin. I feel suffocated while I wait. But I must wait just a little while longer.

Then I can tell you my secret.

I’m evil, aren’t I? But trust me. Keeping this secret is probably a lot harder for me because it makes me so excited I want to shout it from rooftops. And it’s so big, it will even change the nature of my blog. I’m not even sure when exactly I’ll be able to tell you, but I’ll know it when I see it.

I’m waiting for a moment.

And there you go. Time is a tease once again.

What have you to say about time?

The Rules
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Next week’s challenge: A Letter To Our Nation’s Daughters
If you could write a letter or have a chat with the next generation of girls and young women, what would you say to them? Some of you are mothers now to the nation’s daughters – what do you hope to instill in them? If you’re not from this nation, what would you say to your nation’s daughters? Don’t worry if you’re still young yourself. What would you say to the generation now coming after yours?

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6 thoughts on “tell it to me tuesday – time

  1. Great post, you've got me wondering now! I send you an email with some ideas, although obiously you can't tell us yet. I'm glad you have something exciting to tell us all though. I've got something exciting too – although maybe not as exciting as yours, I'm just waiting to hear if I can disclose it today or not – I may have a similar cryptic post or I may be able to reveal something…


  2. Sometimes it just drives me crazy that time moves fast and slow, all at the same time. Like, I can't believe I'm heading into the last quarter of the school year, but Wow! has this school year dragged on forever!

    But now I'm curious about your secret!

  3. On the other hand, one of my favorite quotes: "Time wounds all heals." – Marissa Tomei, in "Someone Like You"