tell it to me tuesday – if i could travel in time

There should have been dinosaurs in the Victorian era.I would travel back to biblical times, to early civilizations. I’m not nostalgic about it, but I think I could learn from it. For the most part, life would be hard. And I have no romantic notions of what it was like for women: to own no real property of your own, to have to be completely subservient to the men of the household, to face the threat of ostracism or death for displeasing the wrong person. And everyone faced harsher times, greater threat of starvation, and greater chances of succumbing to disease.

But, for a short period, it would also be refreshing to go somewhere where we’re not surrounded by things. We live surrounded by so much abundance, but we (or I, at least) almost never see it. If I were to sit down and try to count every little item that I own personally, it would probably take days. Yet, I don’t feel I have that much – certainly less than others. And when I go shopping, there are always things I can find to desire.

It just makes me wonder: what would it be like to look around me and see that all the items I own were ones I made with my own hands? What would it be like if I had only one, or at most, two outfits to wear, instead of changing clothes every day? (I’d certainly spend less time in front of the mirror trying to decide what to wear.) What would it be like to grow my own food, raise my own cattle, harvest and slaughter and cook, with my own two hands? (True, I don’t necessarily need to go back in time to do that…but I would, to enter a state where there were no other options.)

And I think, what would it be like to have family not only be the center but also be your entire universe? To have your days filled with common chores. To have all your aunts and sisters and cousins around you working together to make things. What would it be like to create everything we consume?

In part, I think it would be powerful, empowering, humbling, and lovely. But I also think it would really make me appreciate what I do have when I came back to this time and this place. I do appreciate what I have on some levels, but this would add a whole new dimension.

Maybe we can no longer really live in a place where we create everything we consume. But it might be worthwhile to try to create more than we consume. Or, at the very least, be more mindful of how much we consume versus how much we create. I hope when I do leave this earth, I’ll not have just used, but I’ll also have given. I hope, when I leave, I leave behind something worth the space I have taken.

What would you do, if you could travel in time?

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6 thoughts on “tell it to me tuesday – if i could travel in time

    • I'm not THAT hard core…not saying I want to move there permanently or anything! Just, I'd be interested to see what it's like.

  1. Years ago, in Italy, when we would drive for miles in silence I would daydream. I thought about a place back in Kentucky…a very small place without the modern conveniences. A shack really. With a garden and maybe a goat or a cow. It wasn't a place I remembered – it was one I invented.

    I thought for hours about living there and making things for myself and whoever else was there. Food from the garden and the woods…meat from – wherever! Squirrels are not bad. Rabbits are pretty good. Hey.

    I have no idea why I fled (mentally) to that primitive version of where I was from. But I lived there in a little house (unpainted) with a rock for a front step for hours and days on those drives. In my head.

    I put a flat rock – half in the ground – in front of my front step at the place where I live now. Like the one there. I don't know why.

    I somehow understand the need to know if you could live that way. Could you make it? Could you provide without all the help from grocery stores and such? Could you be the Mother? The one who provides nourishment and safety. The one who is there to love and care. You need to know whether you are enough within yourself.

    Yes, Jade. I think you could. I think you will. You may not have to do it without all the mod-cons. But I believe you could if you had to. You have a dear, loving heart. And you are strong and determined. I have absolutely no fear for my grandchildren – they will be loved and fortunate. I just hope I will get to be with them now and then.

  2. That sounds like a lovely place and it sounds like it gave you a lot of comfort, even if it's a place of your own making. It is comforting to think of a place that is simple and solid. It's grounding because it is honest, but peaceful because it is uncomplex. And I love that you paid tribute to it in your current home.

    I was just talking about this to my mother last night: about how sometimes we buy more things to make our lives "better", but then we end up having to take care of those things when they don't work the way they should. And then you need to call in a specialist of sorts, but then they charge too much or they're incompetent in their own way, and you end up having to figure out for yourself how to fix the rotten thing and end up with more stress than if we had never had it at all.

    I just don't want to be ruled by my things.

    Thank you for understanding my need. And thank you for your faith in my ability to survive and provide. And I will make every effort to keep family close, so that any kids we have will have the fortune to know you too.

  3. I would want to go back to the time of Jane Austen. Yes, I've seen the BBC version of P&P way too many times.

  4. Haha, that's actually the first thing I thought of and was thisclose to writing that. Because I also miss a time when good manners really meant something. {Oh, Darcy.} But then when I sat down to write, I wrote the other thing instead.