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Waldo f-cked off...I like to believe in souls. I like to believe there is something more to us than matter and neurons and synapses. I like to believe in soul mates – and that I have found mine. There is something so seductive about the notion that one soul might recognize another. There is something so comforting in the thought that a soul could be old.

I heard once that scientists were actually able to say that when we die our energy just re-enters the rest of the universe. Rather than thinking that science challenges my beliefs, I feel like that actually confirms it. Through meditation, I once reached a place where I sensed our one-ness, our interconnectedness, our simultaneous infinite and infinitesimal nature. I feel like science tells me I’m right. Our souls are energy, and when we pass away, that energy becomes one with the universe.

Our bodies may die. Our limbs and hands and hair and bones may become nothing more than shadows and dust. But the energy recycles itself and becomes part of something else, perhaps even a new life. So in that sense, maybe our souls are indeed everlasting.

Maybe we do have souls. And maybe they are both young…and very, very old.

Do you believe in souls?

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3 thoughts on “tell it to me tuesday – souls

  1. Sorry I didn't take part this week, I've been scheduling a lot of posts. I love your post though, you've described how I feel very well, the thought about our energy going back into the universe when we die is both comforting and exciting. I like to believe there is something more than our physical body, although I don't really like the work sole as it sounds so solitary, descibing it as energy some of which passes between people.

  2. I also think that the soul continues on after the physical body passes on; that it takes on new forms over time. I've definitely come across a few people that I believe have old souls. It's all pretty amazing…