you capture – sweet

Sweet is the feeling of shutting down after a long, hard day:
although the mac is pretty...

Sweet is the feeling of accomplishing a goal:
I love the doctoral robes. If only the caps weren't so ugly.

Even the colors are pretty!

Sweet is the feeling of waking up next to someone you love every morning:
I love this man.

And it is the feeling you get when you help a child who needs a little extra love:
PLEASE HELP! I'll love you forever if you do!Please click on the link at the top right, if you can give a little help to save a child.
Or click here to help me reach my goal.

For more sweetness capture, check out Beth’s website, I Should Be Folding Laundry and join in this week’s You Capture challenge!


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31 thoughts on “you capture – sweet

  1. What a wonderful cause. <3

    And that picture of who I'm assuming is your hubby is wonderful. The light across his face is perfect.

  2. Wow! Congratulations on your sweet goal! My favorite picture is of your lover. The light on his face is wonderful.

  3. Wonderful captures. The folds in the eyes of your sleeping man are very sweet.

    Congrats on your goals!

    • Oh thank you! You just made my day. :)
      Let me know if you have any questions about them or what I'll be doing while I'm there!

  4. Hi, I'm new to your blog, coming in from YouCapture.

    Congrats on the doctorate! I'm two weeks away from my Master's degree, so I know the feeling of academic accomplishment.

    Your photo are great!