All I Want For My Birthday

One month from today I am turning 30. The Big Three-Oh. For a couple years now, I’ve been dreading turning 30. But now that it’s getting close, I’m actually thinking it’s not so bad. I hear lots of good things about the 30s. In your 20s, you’re just oh-so-busy trying to figure out who the H-E-double hockey-sticks you are. In your 30s, you’re still young, you have energy, but you’re more grounded. Settled. You know who you are and what you’re about. And so you just blossom.

That sounds nice to me.

So what do I want to celebrate this momentous occasion? Turns out…I don’t want things. I have enough things. Instead of gifts, I’m asking everyone I know (and lots of people I don’t know) to ante up $30. But that money’s not going to me. It’s going to help little girls and boys. It’s going to a resource center where they can get mentorship and tutoring, to help them stay in school, to help free them from a life where a pimp dictates who they are and sells them to strangers for $14 a night. You hear these stories that just break your heart: of a girl who went to the big city in search of a restaurant job and ended up abducted into prostitution. She says: “I hate this. Every day I hate this. But I do it for my family. They are the only people I would ever do this for.” Education and awareness in the home and community can help prevent these things from occurring. And that’s what we’ll be doing: we’ll be working on the ground with the local communities, helping raise awareness of the issue, finding ways to provide scholarships to at-risk children so they can afford an education, and mentoring and tutoring them to help them succeed. It’s not just giving them a fish, it’s teaching them how to do it for themselves. It frees them from a life where the only way they can help their families is to sell themselves. It frees them to dream for something better – and hopefully makes those dreams possible.

So can you find $30 to give a little help? Can you help me reach my goal of $1030? All you have to do is: 1) click right here on my fundraising page and just click the big orange Donate button. PLEASE USE YOUR FULL NAME because that’s all I can see – all info other than name and donation amount is private and confidential. And 2) Please leave a comment here too so I have your email address. Sorry for the extra step, but I need a way to contact you so I can thank you personally.

I know money is tight for everyone, and really, every dollar matters and every dollar helps.

But wait! That’s not all! Everyone who donates $30 or more will automatically be entered into a raffle for a $50 Gift Certificate to Smashbox Cosmetics! (So if you’ll definitely want to leave a comment so I can notify you if you win!)
yummy lips!

See how I did that? I took your $30 and raised you another $20! And no, I’m not being paid to endorse Smashbox. I just think they’re awesome. I’ve been on their site like 148 times in the last week, scoping out their products. They have really great stuff. I especially love their Fusion Soft Lights blush, Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion, and the Photo-Op Under Eye Brightener (because I’m plagued with perpetual dark circles under my eyes). Plus they have special deals on Tuesdays and Thursdays where they throw in a free gift. But even on regular days, they offer free shipping and at least 2 other free gifts! Who can argue with that? And their website has other cool functions to show you how to achieve various gorgeous looks and an expert guide to recommend perfect matches for your skin tone and coloring. I {heart} Smashbox.

But, just in case makeup isn’t your thing…say, if you’re male and not into cross-dressing, or whatever, I can turn that $50 Gift Certificate to Smashbox into one for Borders Bookstores upon request. Because, you know, I’m an advocate for books too. Reeding iz gud.

Consider it my way of saying thank you: a gift back to you all. Because I love you all too.

So all you have to do right now is: Click on this link, donate $30, and leave a comment here on this blog!

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4 thoughts on “All I Want For My Birthday

  1. 30's are good, great even, but 40's are better. just sayin'! ;o

    happy birthday in advance. love your birthday gift… too sweet for words.