you capture – spring, to me

To me, spring is sunshine and bright colors:
Ooh, maybe I should have dusted that first.

Cute skirts and sassy shoes:
These are my favorites!Fresh produce and mint lemonade:
I love artichokes!

Grilled artichokes and melted butter:

Farmer’s markets and quiche for dinner:
I love his hands.

Made with said fresh artichokes.

So my life revolves around food. What of it?

Okay, food and cute shoes.

Happy Capturing of Spring!


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19 thoughts on “you capture – spring, to me

  1. What's the first photo of? Is it a glass bowl of something? Staring at it doesn't help me work it out.

    I love artichokes, we had some earlier this week but it always seems like so much is wasted – do you know if you can use the top of the leaves (not the heart) to make veggie stock or something? I'm counting down the days until we can get a compost bit (how sad it that?!).

    My life revolves around food too, do you have a recipe for quiche? I've been meaning to try making my own for years. Hopefully I'll get back into you capture soon – my camera stopped working while I was away and I'm awaiting it's return.

    Have a lovely day,


    • The first photo is of a decorative bowl I have. All the colors and iridescent bits are part of the design. I don't know about the tops of artichokes…I think all the good stuff is at the bottom. I LOVE eating the heart, base and the top of the stem. SO yummy! Especially dipped in melted butter and lemon juice.

      I have a ton of quiche recipes! Just let me know what kind: spinach, mushroom, hash brown, etc… and I'll be happy to send it along. The one pictured is SUPER EASY to make, especially since you don't have to bother with the fancy crust. If you have individual ramekins or dishes, you can make individual quiches (and just divide the recipe by 6 for the amount per person), or you can make a full quiche in a casserole dish. Here's the recipe:

      Fiesta Quiche

      3/4 cup medium salsa (I use pico de gallo: fresher, less watery, if you scoop out the good stuff and leave the water)

      1 cup chopped artichoke hearts

      1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

      1/4 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese (I used Muenster just because that's what I had on hand, worked just great!)

      1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese

      6 eggs

      1 8-oz carton sour cream

      Grease a 10-inch quiche dish. Spread salsa on bottom. Distribute chopped artichokes evenly over salsa. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over artichokes. Sprinkle Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses over all. Blend eggs until smooth. Add sour cream and blend. Pour egg mixture over cheeses. Bake uncovered in 350-degree oven 30-40 minutes, or until set. (I served it garnished with a sprinkle of kosher salt, a dollop of sour cream, a pinch of basil and a cherry tomato.) I think it's good for a main dish for dinner, but would help if it's served with a little something on the side, like a salad.

  2. I seriously need one of you awesome foodies to move in with me. It all looks so yummy when someone else is doing the work!

  3. ohhhh, mint lemonade sounds wonderful. love the food shots. i might just have to make artichokes tonight!

  4. that first picture is awesome, very creative. I have never tried artichokes like that…just in a dip. looks yummy!

  5. thanks! it's one of my favorite ways to eat artichokes! just steam them for about 12-15 minutes, cut them in half, scoop out the hairy insides, and grill for another 5 minutes per side. i season them with a spritz of olive oil and kosher salt, then dip the bottom of the leaves and other edible bits in lemon and melted butter.

  6. I love artichokes too. I planted one in my garden this year to see how well it would do. I would be heartbroken if I planted a bunch and they didn't make it.

  7. missed you capture, this week, but love your post! yummy foods… the photo of the farmer's market (love that pop of purple, and the older fingers) is my favorite. i boil artichokes, then sprinkle italian flav. bread crumbs on the opened leaves, then drizzle w melted butter… lemon would be a great add-on. love 'em! will try your grilling method. grill=spring to me!

  8. Oh that made me so hungry! I have an artichoke at home…I know what I'm having for dinner!

  9. Love the shoe shot!

    And artichokes are so yummy… but I've never figured out how to cook them at home. :/ Someday. :)

  10. First shot… way cool! shoes… way cute! food… now I'm way hungry.

    Awesome job~!