a weekend away, away

This weekend, T and I went up to the Bay area to visit friends. Well, okay, it’s a longer story than that. A couple of our very closest of friends, Nuala and Garren, have been living in Marrakech (yes that is Morocco!) for the better part of a year. (Wait, hold on, I think I have photos of them. Oh yes, here they are.) But they’re back in the States for a couple of weeks for a graduation and a wedding and so we went up to visit them at a BBQ they were holding. I LOVE both Nuala and Garren’s families to pieces (and I’m including friends who have been friends so long they have become family in the word “families”). Oh, the stories! (And oh the cream puffs! I think I must have eaten about 6 of those…) And long after the BBQ was over, we were still there, even though everyone’s eyes were drooping like melted ice cream, because, well, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to say good bye again.

Through the weekend, we stayed with T’s boss…which is another interesting story. For, how often does your boss live 300-some-odd miles away? But we stayed with him and his girlfriend and I really enjoyed that. Not only are they both really nice and interesting people who introduced us to more kind and interesting people, I really enjoyed seeing his office and their amazing home space, for I felt like I got to know them a little bit, in a really nice way. Plus the bonus of seeing him embark on a new enterprise – it’s exciting! I’m happy for him and gives me the vicarious little thrill of feeling like I’ve brushed up close to greatness. (I’ll just say, it’s the film industry sort of greatness.)

I had planned to take a lot of photos for this week’s You Capture (the theme is fun) – and really with such a fun weekend, how could I miss that opportunity? But…miss it I did. Because we were having so much fun I was totally absorbed in really special moments, I couldn’t even think about hiding behind a camera. So I’m hobbling together something a little silly with what few photos I do have.

The weekend was filled with special moments like hugging friends who have been a year and a world away.

Like meeting an old friend’s new baby.

Like exploring new sites and living new experiences.

And rediscovering old ones.

Like stumbling across vintage suitcases in a thrift store:

Complete with old tags!

And silk scalloped lining

And falling in love with all their nooks, crannies, and corners

And sweet old vintage stickers

Oh, and by the way…can I just say? $3.99 each.

It’s the bees’ knees, baby!

But now we are home, with lots to do, for it is my 30th birthday in less than a week! And…did you see my sidebar, just to the top on the right there?

We’re up to 76% of the way to my goal! I’m nearly brought to tears with the amazing people in my life, with their generosity, their love, and their support. It’s the thirtieth year of my life, and I feel I have so much.

I have so much.

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One thought on “a weekend away, away

  1. So sorry that we didn't get to spend more time with you! It was such a great day, but I wish we were able to make it to SB for a visit. I suppose we'll just have to get to Thailand after you settle in.