tell it to me tuesday – 10 minute free write

I had a wonderful birthday and I’me thinking of luggage and flowers and vintage and fabrics. I’me feeling inspired and relieved, contrary and perniculous. I don’t know why I’me saying such things but the words pop in my head and what am I to do? There’s so much work to do tomorrow fbut for the moment, I’me relaxing. We watched Stand By Me and Toby said he didn’t like the name of the movie it was too romantic. But I think it draws more attention to the relationship between the boys than Stephen King’s title “The Body”. But we ate so much this weekend and the food was so good. And it really was good to have my parents in town. I really am lucky to be close to them. I know many people aren’t close to their parents the way I am. They have given me lots of things to think about in Thailand. But mostly they’re easing me from having too many thoughts. I guess that’s why I said I’me feeling contrary. So many mixed thoughts and feelings. So much running around, throwing around. Colliding around in my skull. I need to take a breathe. I need to breathe. It’s too hard to breathe with too mch shite on top of your head. But I’me getting out. I will get out. Just a little while longer. Toby said it’s been too long since I’ve really just sat back and enjoyed where I am in life. And it made me want to cry. Because it’s true. I need to get to that place. I need to take a step back and just get to a place where I can just enjoy. Enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy. Like chocolate cake and raspberries. Like birthdays and vintage. Like stickers and snowmen. Pastries. Swimming pools and margaritas. What time is it? 3:47 left. I’me staring at the screen and The Yellow Suitcase is in the back of my mind. I want to do more research. I want to flesh out the ideas for my next book. Japan. Picture brides. Home. But I must wait. Just a little more. Then I can focus. I just have to get to a space where I can let myself focus. Like my dad says. When am I going to get these monkeys off my back? Time to get rid of the self-imposed monkeys. Fuck the monkeys. Pardon my French. So let’s sew. I’ve got some great fabrics. I just got to get rid of my fear of making a mistake. Nothing lost if I mess up. Just learn. Learn to have patience. One step at a time. One step at a time. I’ve never been good at that…I need to practice one step at a time. Then I won’t be so scattered. I’me so scattered. So scattered.

You’ve got 10 minutes. Don’t think. Just write. No holds barred.

Then just post the link in the comments below!

Next week’s challenge: “If I were a bag of some sort, I would be a…”
Fancy purse? A backpack? Reusable? What would you carry?

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5 thoughts on “tell it to me tuesday – 10 minute free write

    • Oh Cindy. I really, really hope there won't be a fallout from your post. I certainly didn't hope to cause one. I'm sure your family loves you and maybe the thing is they just don't know. They probably have the same insecurities and think they're doing you a favor by saying those things. Even with different body types, we can all find something to hate about ourselves. So maybe this post will make them see how hurtful those words can be. It might even make them think about your grandmother and how accepting she was by contrast and how positive that acceptance is. At least, maybe it'll make them think twice about saying such things again. And mothers' relationships with their bodies? Wow, it is so amazing how important what they do and say – or don't do and don't say – is to the self-esteem and body image of daughters.

      It is really, really brave of you to post this and I admire your courage. I truly hope it is rewarded and that at least some good comes of it.

      In the meantime, I am sending you big hugs and lots of positive energy. And I think you're beautiful.

  1. Yeah, I'm really glad we had that talk. The funny thing is they didn't even really say anything new. These are values they've instilled in me since I was little. But I guess sometimes there are lessons you just have to keep on learning.