Tell It To Me Tuesday – One Place, One Sense

A Moment in Mango

I feel the cold metallic tinge of silver between my fingers, different from the cool ceramic plate resting in my lap. Delicate yellows and whites trickle over my face, the flush of sun dancing like freckles.

With delicious anticipation, I raise the first bite to my lips. An explosion of soft, tingly and grainy flesh fills my mouth. The mango is warm and exotic, the coconut milk is a beach, filled with sunshine and palm trees. The rice offers up a weight on the tongue, pleasant, like comfort.

I salivate, teardrops in my mouth activated by the wild combination of flavors. Sunlight feeds the belly of the beast. I reach for another bite and rejoice.

This week’s challenge: One place, one sense. Pick one place (a room, a landscape, even a time or moment) and describe it using only one sense of perception (taste, smell, touch…). One caveat: You can’t use sight. Post a link to your writing in the comments section below. (Hopefully yesterday’s issues have all been resolved!)

Next week’s challenge: Metaphors and similes. Let’s play around with making up our own metaphors and similes. Create your own metaphor, then write something using it.
Need inspiration? Maybe think of a mood: wistful, uncertain, eager, hope.

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3 thoughts on “Tell It To Me Tuesday – One Place, One Sense

  1. Mango is one of my most favorite fruits ever! (But I also can't wait to get to Thailand to post pictures of all the crazy yummy fruits over there: rambutans, longans, jackfruit…even durian! But I don't eat durian. Stinks too bad.)