tell it to me tuesday – thrill, grow, snowflake and sigh

Good morning! I hope you all had a happy 4th (whether you’re American or not). I’m still catching up from the weekend, so this post is a little late. But! I do have a story for you.

Next Sunday is the second wedding anniversary for my husband and me. We’ve been talking vaguely about “doing something” to celebrate, but we’ve both been so utterly consumed with work, we really haven’t had a second to think about it. Time slipped by. One birthday, then another. A weekend away, then another. And suddenly we found ourselves just days away from our anniversary without even a whisper of a delicate, fragile, transparent snowflake of a plan.

We talked vaguely of taking a trip to Arizona, Sedona maybe, throwing out ideas of hotel costs and what we could afford in time off. The Hubby has really been wanting to take me to Portland – has loved it both times he’s been, but I’ve never gone. So I thought about trying to catch last-minute flights plus airmiles I’ve accrued, and could we stay with friends, but oh it’s such short notice and whoa…flights are $1200. Never mind.

::sigh:: All the last minute flight deals were not really deals, and I began to lose hope of a special idea.

But then, I saw a little tab that said “cruises” and I gasped with glee. I ell-oh-vee-ee LOVE cruises and Hubby has never been on one before. I started clicking through, remembering how many times I’ve heard people say they got deals on cruises that are amazing, considering all the lodging and food included. My excitement started to grow. Then I found a 3-day cruise to Baja, Mexico with availability for this weekend – for an amazing price! A whole weekend poolside…cocktails on the open sea…day trip to Ensenada…cozy cabin…we HAD to do this!

I nudged my hubby. His eyes popped wide and a familiar little light shone in them. He hemmed a little bit (…an international cruise…on 4 days notice…a little more than we wanted to spend, but on the other hand, do-able…) but I knew he was hooked.

A few clicks of the mouse later and we were booked!

And we are thrilled. Now we just have to really scurry to get some work done before we go! But I think I might just need to pop out to the shops for a new bathing suit. {wink, wink}

This week’s Tell It To Me Tuesday: tell a story using the words thrill, grow, snowflake, sigh

Next week’s challenge:
Write about something that happened to you (anything, from the momentous to the mundane) – but tell it from someone else’s perspective.

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5 thoughts on “tell it to me tuesday – thrill, grow, snowflake and sigh

    • Me too! Somehow I think I'm even more excited because it's a surprise, with still a few days of anticipation, than if we had planned it for months.

  1. So cool that you booked a cruise!! Hope you have a great time. Portland is finally getting sunny now, but flying anywhere last minute is never affordable. I never commented last week, but really enjoyed your "Tell it to me Tuesday" Is there more? I want to read the rest!

    • One day we'll make it to Portland together, I'm sure. Thanks, I'm glad you liked my story! I just kind of wrote it off-the-cuff, so there isn't really more. But due to demand, I might just oblige. We'll see, I'll try to!