A Feminist’s Guide to Acting Like a Lady

Because empowerment should not be without integrity.

Tip #45: When introducing people, offer a quick sentence about each person to establish a relationship.

Tip #46: Don’t expect people to remember every thing you’ve told them. Even good friends can’t always keep everything straight.

Tip #47: Read Elements of Style. Even if you’re not a writer.

Tip #48: Always keep a supply of gift wrap and blank cards on hand.

Tip #49: Have a fabulous red* coat.
* Note: Fabulous red also includes awesome purple coats. It may even be extended to a stylish navy peacoat, but it has to be pretty dang swank to count. I also have mad respect if you can rock a knee-length white without getting it dirty.

I always think of Martine McCutcheon’s red coat from Love Actually.

Tip #50: Have a firm handshake. None of that ‘limp fish’ business.

The End.

Bonus Tip: Do not be afraid to shed tears. Cry, shudder, fall apart and shatter. Then pick yourself up and put the broken pieces back together. Even if every movement burns a slow hot flame, stand up again and find grace. Grace is not in the passing of words easily spoken, nor is it in voices silenced; it is in the act of resurrection and redemption after total annihilation.
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