tell it to me tuesday – on being peace

To say the past month has not been easy on me would be an understatement. I spent most of it just filled with anger






Sadness. The thing was, I didn’t even realize just how anger full I was. I knew it was a bad time. But sometimes feelings sink so deep, they are so pervasive, you don’t even know they’re there because there is no counterpoint left with which to perceive them. They fill out all your limbs, all your fingers and your toes, until it all seeps out of your pores like the stench of gin after a hard night. Sometimes you wall yourself off from your own emotions, because you sense you haven’t the strength to stand up to them.

And then, in an unexpected moment, I read this line: Accept life as it is.

I realize that line standing by itself sounds like defeat, but the way I read it in that moment, it spoke to me like this: Forgive life for being difficult sometimes.

Like anyone we love, sometimes life is a right pain in the a–. Sometimes it fails to meet our expectations. Sometimes it has ideas of its own of what it wants from us. So sometimes we need to forgive life for being what it is.

I read that line and all of a sudden, the three-year-old that had been crying and wailing and flailing his arms stopped, sniffled a bit, and sat down. There may have been a tear or two on his little cherubic face, but he was quiet.

I realized I had been fighting against life, throwing a righteous tantrum deep inside, that I didn’t even feel until suddenly there was quiet. An unclenching of a stomach that had been rock hard for a month.

So I stopped fighting and found a little bit of forgiveness and a moment of calm. I discovered that peace doesn’t always mean that you’re a happy, smiling little Buddha all the time. But when you let it in, it is like letting in the light.

Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu
a mantra for peace

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5 thoughts on “tell it to me tuesday – on being peace

  1. "Accept life as it is." How apropos this little statement is to me right now. In the past couple of weeks there's been a lot of layoffs and people leaving at work. It's a transitional time there right now and those that are fortunate enough to still have a job to go to, like myself, find themselves with more and more and more work as a result of those gone. The stress has peaked for me (all of us) and now what I need to do now is find ways to bring it down. To compartmentalize it. So I liked this, I liked "accept life as it is." I think it's time for me read the words of the sage Buddha once again and meditate. This little mouse that's been running round and round the wheel with no stop has decided that it does not want to do that anymore. Thank you for this. It really did make me think today and put some things in perspective. ((hugs))

    • Oh I'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time. These times are not easy for any of us, I guess. We might be thankful we're one of the "lucky" ones to still have a job and a paycheck, but cutting back on hours and piling on the work in the meantime makes the job that much more difficult to perform. And survive. I'm glad that line gave you some bit of peace too. I hope it stays with you too. {hugs}

  2. Hi – This has not much to do with your post, but I'm new to your blog, and LOVE it. I think I "found" you this past weekend at #HomeHer10. You have such a calming way about you. Thank you for your posts.

  3. Okay Jade I've never participated and this is my first time doing Tell It To Me Tuesday. I'm officially on my way back to the light. Here's mine. Though it's serio-comic.