Tell It To Me Tuesday – Repentance

The following is an excerpt from the novel I wrote last year.

Looking at her face, he knew he had lost. A tiny part of him recognized the truth of Fatima’s words, but a bigger part of him sought to quash it. He could not face it. Already fear and guilt clawed at him, his insides writhing with self-loathing. Abruptly, he departed, leaving her to her fate.

He wandered the empty, moonlit streets of Corinth in a daze. His heart beat wildly, but his mind felt thick and dull. He wandered for what seemed like hours, though he had no sense of time. But then, he came upon the Altar of Ares, god of courage, and wondered vaguely if that was where he aimed to go all along.

He stood, gazing up at the statue of the proud, muscular god. He felt something break inside him, and tears streamed down his face. He let out a mighty bellow. Clenching his face, he cursed the god. “Curse you Ares! Curse you! Why did you abandon me? Why did you give so much to my father? How could you give so much to the father and neglect the son? Curse you!” he screamed.

Pulling a sharp blade from his tunic belt, [he*] screamed and slashed his wrists multiple times. Sharp piercing pain shot up his arms, but it was nothing compared to the deep pain he felt inside. He fell to his knees, watching the dark crimson blood stream from his hands down onto the white marble. He dipped a finger into his own blood and slowly scrawled letters across the marble. He cried then, feeling his strength ebb away from him. He cried, until everything faded to black.

*character name omitted so as to not give anything away

This week’s challenge: Repentance
The goal of Tell It To Me Tuesdays is to encourage you to stretch your writing wings just a little bit further. Write anything of your choice related to the theme “repentance”, fiction or nonfiction and link it up in the comments section below! Please do stop by and spread the love to other participants.

Next week: Instead of Tell It To Me Tuesday, I’m going to try something different. Check back in next week!

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