an appropriate expression of sentiment

It’s just no good at all when your husband thinks a chin hickey is an appropriate expression of sentiment. Anyone got concealer?


Okay, this post isn’t actually about that. I just had to get that off my chest. But have you ever had a day where a series of seemingly innocuous minor frustrations build up until you explode? A day where you think you’ve got it under control until something tiny, like getting a blister, reduces you to vitriol and tears? Hyperbole and a Half calls it the “Sneaky Hate Spiral”. Hate’s a strong word, but the concept is valid all the same.

I had one of those days. A day just full of stress and worry and no time to get it all done.

I was in the kitchen, prepping dinner. I had the mortar and pestle in front of me and I was mashing garlic and chili peppers like they were heretics and I was the Spanish Inquisition. Bang bang bang. Then, out of nowhere – well, not nowhere, exactly, since it was out of the mortar – so, out of the mortar flew a chili seed straight into my eye.

I dropped the pestle and cried out in pain and burning and rushed to flush my eye out with water. I teared up like crazy, stomped around, and basically couldn’t do anything for 5 whole minutes until my eye started to go back to normal.

I sat there, whimpering in misery, until I just had to laugh at myself.

This is what you get. Get angry at the world and you’ll be the one with chili in your eye.

I don’t believe in karma in the sense of: in the next life you’ll be a dog, kind of karma. (Although, when we went to the temple on Sunday, my sister was praying that in the next life she’ll be a famous singer or entertainer, but my aunt was praying that, in the next life, she’ll just skip this whole “human” thing altogether and move on to the next level.) But I do believe in karma, in the sense that, whatever you put out will come back to you.

And apparently, if you put out spice, it’ll come right back. In your eye.

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7 thoughts on “an appropriate expression of sentiment

  1. hee hee, no concealer here! Maybe you should wear safety glasses next time your grinding chilies, I know it's dorky but what do you expect from a Chemistry profs wife (and used to be a chemist herself. Regular glasses work well too. Hope your day gets better and you have a delicious meal.

  2. LOL. Yeah glasses are a good idea. But all is well in the world because I'm going to make Pioneer Woman's beef brisket and put it on tostadas and this makes me very very happy. :)

  3. Oh, you poor thing. I know all about those days. They come every several weeks for me. Hmm….

    "You get what you dish out" is a spiritual law of nature, I am absolutely positive.

    On a completely different note: I have to let you know that I picked up one of the books you mentioned recently (Unlikely Disciple) and have been thoroughly entertained, and provoked to thought, too!

    I hope the remainder of your day is much friendlier.

    • Oh I'm so glad you're enjoying The Unlikely Disciple!

      Thanks so much! All in all, things aren't so bad. Plus, friends are coming to visit, so really who can complain? ;) Hope you're doing well!