bit by bit, it comes together

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m done seeing that ugly spider at the top of my blog. It’s time he was replaced by someone else we met.

We found this guy at the market yesterday!

Hello little guy!

Except you’re not so little are ya? Man, go to get some oranges, and find yourself a baby elephant…(and die of the cute).

This weekend took it out of us. Both of us are just wiped out today. But that’s okay. I’m ready to take it easy for a couple of days. We did have a productive weekend.

On Saturday, we went and bought our first scooter. A Scoopy!

We call it Scoop-dawg.

That took most of Saturday. Plus we got stuck behind a fixie race.

Yes, folks. You heard that right. Fixies have come to Thailand. Fuggin’ hipsters.

Then Sunday, we acquired more stuff for the house. Pillows, and vases, tea servings and place mats.

It kind of doesn’t look like much, but when your sole transport is a scooter and you have to carry all that stuff slung in a duffel across your back, it does get tiring. Nevertheless, our house is slowly becoming a home. We still don’t have pots or pans, but we can entertain guests well enough to make it feel like a home. Yes, I prioritized decorative pillows over spatulas. Easy to do, when there’s so much yummy street food to eat! … And the European pastries….{drool}. The day European desserts met Asian fancies was a very auspicious day indeed.

Um…so yeah, this is a rambling post. Can you tell I’m tired? I think I’m going to go grab some lunch and maybe do a Thai reading lesson…and otherwise take the day off. There’s still so much to do, but we both need a break.

Happy Monday!

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6 thoughts on “bit by bit, it comes together

  1. One of my favorite things about being in Thailand was seeing elephants in random places – like the market, or walking down the street.

  2. I am just finding you. I met your name at Tutus, Trains and Tea Time. I read your "about" page and smiled a whole big lot. "I am a burner". Is that about burning man? If yes, I know a couple burners, but I am not one. Never been.

    I like what you say about femininity. And I totally support your priorities in this post. Pillows before spatulas every time.

    I will look forward to knowing your more.