you capture – doorways

Thai people believe that the spirit of the house resides in the threshold. Why the threshold of all places, I’m not sure. However, there may be another way to read this. Perhaps our spirit resides in the threshold of our metaphorical home. In the temple that is our body, in the safe haven that is our soul.

The question is: is the doorway open or closed? Open to possibility, or closed for control?

Open for opportunity?

Or closed for comfort?

Does your spirit sit on the threshold? Tell me, how does your doorway stand?


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20 thoughts on “you capture – doorways

  1. Great post. You brought beauty to doorways in more ways than one. I think my doorway is a swinging one, no latch. It may look to be closed, but it opens pretty easily.

  2. Your pictures are lovely, of course, but I also wanted to comment on the concept of doorways/thresholds in Thailand since they are pretty unique in traditional Thai houses. I was told that the old way of thinking said that the raised thresholds were to keep unwanted spirits from moving freely throughout the house; the new way of thinking says that at the very least it keeps babies from doing the same thing. :-)

    Regardless, I love, love, LOVE the traditional Thai style – right down to the doorways! – and think it would be awesome to live in that kind of house.

    Happy weekend!