saturday morning coffee

Just a quick hello, because as most of you are waking up and slowly feeling your way towards the coffee machine (if you’re anything like me, anyway), I’m tuckering out and getting ready for bed. My time in Bangkok has been quick and harried and interesting and fun and probably everything else in between. But early tomorrow morning I’ll be jumping on a bus and heading back home to Chiang Mai.

It’s a 10-hour bus ride.

Thank all that is holy for the Kindle. (I do. Regularly.)

Also…I shopped waaaaay too much in Bangkok. I can’t help myself! It’s one of the best places in the world to go shopping AND everything was on sale 50-70% off. Who could say no? Clearly not me.

And clearly my husband knows me better than I do because he advised me to take the bigger bag when I left, and I was like “Pssh. I’m just staying with family. I’m not going to do much shopping.”

Heh. Um. Should have taken the bigger bag. (And I did actually show considerable restraint!)

Anyway. Speaking of coffee…which I was, a minute ago before I got distracted…if you wander over to Coffee Served Daily, an awesome project taking on the ambitious task of collecting 1,000 cups of coffee, you’ll see a couple of my photos (this one and this one) featured there. If you adore coffee like I do, you should totally check it out! The project, I mean.

Happy Saturday everyone!!

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2 thoughts on “saturday morning coffee

  1. ahhhhhhh….the red sings are saying 50% to 70% off…..I want to see too. Using US$ on Thai bath price at 70% off….wow! what a garage sale of new stuff….envy envy envy!!!

  2. The shopping in Bangkok really is amazing. I only wish that I'd been able to do more of it while I was there; like you, though, I was limited by the size of my bag (just a backpack!). Probably a very good thing for my budget, however! :-)