you capture – cold

Unlike many You Capture participants, I’m not anywhere near Snowpocalypse 2011. And I figure ice cubes and ice cream would also be well-documented this week.

So, how, in Thailand, where the coldest thing is a supermarket, can I capture cold?

I’m going the route of alternative interpretations.

Cool tones….

A cold shoulder…

cold, adj.: lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional

Ok, so this is a gelaterie. Apparently, I couldn’t stray too far from the ice cream. Who am I kidding? I can never stray too far from ice cream.

(And despite the “cold”, it’s actually one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken since we got here. Don’t ask me why.)

Revel in the cold at Beth’s!


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14 thoughts on “you capture – cold

  1. Nice interpretation of cold – I didn't experience much cold in Uganda last week it was toast warm but I did return to Aberdeen in the snow!

    Hope your week is going well and you're enjoying teaching.


  2. You are so incredibly creative and talented. I loved your 'cold in Thailand' photos – all of them and maybe especially the shoulder. So CREATIVE!!!

  3. HA! I love your creative twist on cold. And yup, I am loving that last one too. I think it is the dramatic lighting and the contrast. Well done, Friend!

  4. I love your various interpretations! And I am drawn to your gelaterie shot. Maybe it's the rich brown color that frames the shop?