you capture – warmth

Last week I had to stretch my imagination to capture cold. This week there is no stretch of the imagination involved at all to capture warmth.

That’s right folks. It’s been hitting 80 degrees by 8 a.m. It gets so hot our dog has started migrating off her bed onto the marginally cooler tile floor.

So hot our whites dried in the sun in under an hour.

I realize, however, that a lot of you have been suffering under the Snowpocalypse of the Century, so I hesitate to complain. But you should know that it is just the very tip of the beginning of the hot season here. It will only get warmer. We might just wilt.

I’ve started wearing SPF lotion just to go outside.

I’m already several shades darker than I was three months ago.

Except my face, which I always put SPF on.

Yes, I’m sure I look funny.

But our lives here are filled with more than just warmth of temperature. We have warm smiles, warm laughs, warm embraces. And since our stuff from the U.S. just got shipped on Monday…

Warm memories…

Hope you’re all full up with lovely kinds of warmth! You can always find more at Beth’s!


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11 thoughts on “you capture – warmth

  1. I would love to feel the heat you have but only for a couple of days! It would take me a while to adjust to heat like that, good luck with the hot months ahead, I'm sure you'll aclimatise eventually.

    The puppy is getting so big already!