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Life in Thailand is a strange amalgamation of the modern and the ancient. You’ll see the fancy cars and motorbikes cruising the roads just like you’d find on the PCH in California. And then you’ll see motorized rickshaws. And then actual, bike, foot-pedal-powered rickshaws. They’re for tourists, and every time I see them I feel torn: I’d feel awful having someone cart our butts around like that, sweating in the heat, but then hey, he’s gotta’ make a living too, right?

And then, satellites bring us internet, but apparently Thais still haven’t figured out underground tunneling for power lines. There’s never a clear view of anything here for the piles of power lines cutting across and looping over and around everything.

(All of which I had planned to take photos of for you. Thought about it every day I did. But if I’m being honest…every day I got too lazy. Sorry, folks.)

Even in our own home, we find paradoxes.

We have a lovely, quality grinder for our coffee…

…but a power converter, which is available in just about every hardware store in the States, is nowhere to be found in Chiang Mai. And if you ask a coffee shop where you buy your beans if they can grind it for you, you get an espresso grind. Which does not work in a french press. So we use this:

A mortar and pestle. A technology as old as dirt.

We also have Macbooks, an iPhone, iPad, Kindle and modern conveniences…but still nothing quite beats a hammock with a good book.

The one thing that gets me, though, is with all our technology and advances in science, we still can’t find a quality combatant against mosquitos. And so we are stuck with moderately effective mosquito lotion and mostly ineffective mosquito coils.

That’s it, folks. 10,000 years of civilization and all we got to throw at the buggers is smoke and lotion.


Bitten & Scratchy in SE Asia

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8 thoughts on “you capture – technology

  1. I think I'm in love the arm strength it must take to mortar and pestle coffee beans. :) Also? We've got to work on the mosquito thing. I have scars from mosquito bites from when I was FIVE. Those things are viscious and huge on that side of the world.

  2. Oh dear. Our coffee grinder – exactly like yours BTW – up and quit working a week or two ago. One moment it worked…the next it was dead. My mortar and pestle is, however made of wood (decorative only?) so I don't think I'll go that route.

    The only thing I've found to make sitting outdoors here during mosquito season possible is an electric fan. Cool breeze, no bugs. Win, win.

  3. Lots of comments from me today. :-)

    Smoke and lotion. Ha! I'm trying not to laugh too loudly at my desk.

    And how long exactly does it take to grind coffee in a mortar and pestle?

    As for the hammock, I hear ya on that one too, sister! I brought one home with me and, well, it's not getting a lot of use right now considering I live in my parents' basement, but…one day, one day!

  4. LOVE your take on technology! Especially the mortar and pestle, and of course the hammock, which would pretty much rock my socks right about now!

    Found you while cruising You Capture links…thoroughly enjoyed your post!