you capture – vibrance

One of the things I love most about living outside the Western world is the explosion of colors in life. In almost every other country I’ve seen outside of the U.S. and Europe, people are not afraid of colors. Their clothes explode with colors, their houses get painted all kinds of radical colors, the scenery is literally a palette unrestrained. (This is a marked difference from, say, the suburbs of south Orange County where all the houses in every neighborhood are within the same four shades of beige. I can say that ‘cuz I’m from there.)

One would think the cacophony of colors would be clashing and hideous (and maybe to some it is), but I love it.

And in Thailand? Just check out the flora. Vibrant, verdant, succulent, and green.

Now go find some vibrance in your life! And when you do, link it up at Beth’s so we can all share!



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7 thoughts on “you capture – vibrance

  1. Let's see…

    I think the first one is a vandaceous mericlone hybrid type of orchid. Is this one very fragrant? I've read that there is a red one that is particularly yummy.

    The second one reminds me of salvia. Are the stems sort of square in shape? The flower shape isn't quite right for salvia, though. Nah…probably not salvia. That one will bug me.

    The third one is begonia.

    The fourth one includes impatiens (red flowers). I'm not as sure what the bright leafed plant is but my guess is pothos "Neon".

    The fifth one does appear to be an orchid of some sort – not sure which kind. There are soooo many of those!

    The sixth is heliconia.

    The seventh is bougainvillea.

    The eighth is one Pachystachys lutea, often called yellow shrimp plant.

  2. Colour! Vibrance! Life! Gotta love others who live spring earlier than the northeast of North America! Thank you so much for your thoughts on my pet peeve post, in particular about Buddhism and how I should allow myself all kinds of emotions. Kind of "got it" and working on the rest of it. I need to own my feelings on a more regular basis. I'm getting by with a little help from my friends (to paraphrase from a popular song).

  3. Gorgeous flower pictures. I love color! I'm in the process of painting the inside of my house bold, earth inspired colors from institutional white left for us by the previous owners. Dark earthy browns, caribbean blues, and coming soon, sun touched yellow! I don't dare shake up our neighborhood with a crimson red on the outside though.:) Funny thing- I finally checked my yahoo email and found all your replies to my comments. Guess I'll check there from now on!

  4. Oh, geez! Those flowers are flipping GORGEOUS!!!! I might have to go find the brightest flowers I can find and fill my house with them! I super like the flowers that look like birds (the red and yellow ones!)