Monday Motivational

Our internet has been down forever (it seems), so this Monday Motivational is kind of more like a Tuesday Confessional…

So I think my word of intent for this week is going to have to be:


Primarily because I fussed all day and couldn’t figure out what my intention should be for the week. There’s kind of a bit going on: work that needs to be done, ideas that need sorting, questions that need answering, fears that need letting go, a need for control that needs letting go (maybe those last two are pretty much the same thing)…all that and omigod it’s almost a whole new month already. Where did April go?

I haven’t even been writing on my blog all that much lately (and until today, was SORELY behind on emails). I even let a 2-year blog anniversary pass with barely a mention. I had a whole post written in my head thanking my lovely readers and telling you all how very much it means to me that you come and spend time with my words and photos. BUT it never made it down from my head to my fingertips.

All I can say, however, is that for all the non-blog-writing, non-photo-taking, and non-responding I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been spending all that energy instead on my novel. So I haven’t been so very social lately because I’ve been busy having conversations in my head. (And putting them to paper – the bit that makes me legally “sane.”)

But I will be here tomorrow for Virtual Coffee! And hopefully have a bit more focus….

P.S. Yesterday marked five months in Thailand. (!)

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4 thoughts on “Monday Motivational

  1. What is in your hand in the picture? It is a great looking thing. It is a great picture of you!! I cannot believe May is in a few days?! Ugh!