Monday Motivational

There’s something about leaving town that seems to necessarily uproot my schedule. Even when I just leave for a weekend and the rest of my routine remains theoretically untouched, the act of leaving pulls me out of the routine more than I expect given the time gone.

Or at least, that seems to happen if I allow it. Leaving my space quickly becomes an excuse to surrender my discipline, to allow thoughts to scatter to the wind, to wander from center. I can say, “Oh, if I didn’t have to do this or that, I could focus.”

But life isn’t like that. It doesn’t play the same old refrain day after day. It may seem that way sometimes, but that’s when you can be even more sure that something more gradual is shifting deeply underneath, and maybe you just can’t see what’s shifting. Nothing is static. Change is constant. And why would you want anything different anyway? The same old refrain over and over ad nauseam would be boring.

The key is to figure out how to shift with the music, to hear the pause and flow, and keep up with the orchestra when it changes key.

So my intention for this week is:

to keep with the music

even when the music is complex, complicated, shifts and changes key.

What intention do you set for this week?

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One thought on “Monday Motivational

  1. "to keep with the music" is so easy and so hard at the same time. I am one of those women like all women trying to bring order to chaos. It is hard to remember it is only my chaos I can calm. "Change is constant" and it is hard when we can't see where the road in front of us is leading us. It is hard not to anticipate, and just breathe in and out of each moment.

    Maybe if I think of it as music instead of stress I can let go a little and try dancing.

    Thank you Jade!