Suan Bua

means lotus garden. And that’s where I spent my birthday weekend.

There are several resorts nestled in the hills outside of Chiang Mai, and we decided to stay at one for my birthday. It was such a perfect little getaway. Just a 20-30 minute drive, so it wasn’t a pain to drive there and back. But still far enough away we never felt compelled to leave the hotel.

We arrived Friday night, and to our surprise, had been upgraded (vacationing off-season is AWESOME). We had a lovely, long dinner, then watched a movie (Kung Fu Panda) in our room before tucking in early.

We slept in late – well, I did wake up at 7:00, but I made myself go back to sleep until 9. Then we moseyed on to breakfast, which was included with the room (which, did I mention was $30/night?).

After reading for a bit, around noon we decided a little dunk in the pool was necessary. Then, when it got too hot and taxing, we went back to the reading idea.

In the late afternoon, I went for a little photo stroll…and heard pretty music coming from a veranda in the building next to ours. Intrigued, I looked closer and discovered they had a little happy hour going on. So I raced back up to the room to nab Toby so we could partake in margaritas on the veranda. I had my priorities, clearly.

Us, post-lush:

I tried to take a few self-portraits too…but short arms, margarita-head, and tropic-induced sweaty palms do not a pretty picture make. Only one came out that had my entire head in focus.

{Gah, do I look 31 to you?}

Then we decided it was time to eat again. Mostly because we really wanted more beer of the yummy blended lime drinks they make here.

And then we watched another movie in our room, slept in late again Sunday, had a lovely breakfast and headed home. It was bliss.

The whole time we were there, we wondered why we don’t do this more often. It’s not necessary to go to a fancy resort (though of course that’s always a bonus). But we do have a lovely community pool in our neighborhood. Why don’t we actually take the weekend to rest more often? It’s so easy to underestimate how important that down-time is. But we came back feeling so rested and relaxed. And really, did we miss out on that much to do? I’m a day later on some laundry and grocery shopping…but big whoop. True, I do work in Chiang Rai every other weekend. But I think I should take that as even more reason that the weekends I do have off, I really take off.

So my Monday motivation? Try to remember to take weekends off. In the meantime, the other thing keeping me going is that I only have 7 days left of my language course. (Woohoo!) I can’t wait to get back to my writing when the class is done!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and refreshing weekend as well!

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3 thoughts on “Suan Bua

  1. Love the pictures! What a beautiful place to get away to for some down time, and $30/night? Yes, please :)

    It's funny because last night when we finally fell into bed, I grumbled to my husband, "Why do the weekends go by so fast? Why don't we ever relax?!" To which he kindly replied, "Because you never let us relax. You're always 'Go go go.'" Ouch, but so true. Here's to taking the weekends off… truly.

    And happiest of birthdays! Whatever age you look, it's beautiful!

  2. No, you do not look 31. You look beautiful! And, you seriously went to a place called "the lotus garden?" I have an extremely high jealously level right now…. =^)

    (PS – my captcha code as U2 in it!)