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Hi all! If we were meeting for coffee today, I’d probably be watching with jealousy as you drank yours. I’m still trying to cut back on the caffeine intake. So fair warning: I might look a tad like Allie Brosh does with cake. Except with coffee.

Illustration by Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half

I love tea, but some days a girl just really needs some old fashioned Joe. Oh well. I’m still awake, so there, at least some progress has been made.

The weekend getaway for my birthday was all kinds of awesome. If you didn’t catch the photos from yesterday’s post, you can see them here. It was definitely a blissful retreat, and I’m still floating on joy.

While we were away, though, we left our 7-month old puppy at a kennel…and that went about as well as wearing socks with flip flops. The problem is she’s a rescue we got probably too young from the litter (she was only about a month and a half old at that point), and we don’t really have very many neighbors where we live. (And by not many, I mean approximately two.) And Thai people just aren’t big on dogs in general – and the people who do have dogs aren’t big on training and socializing them. So that means there’s been a real dearth of dogs with whom we could socialize her. She’s gotten generally quite good with people because we’ve had plenty of visitors and we take her to play with the kids at SOLD every chance we get. (Twenty-thirty-some-odd running, yelling, teasing, jumping, laughing kids vs. one wussy puppy? Kids win.) And we’ve gotten her to not totally run away from the individual dog who happens by from time to time (Unless it’s a tiny puppy. She’s terrified of puppies younger and tinier than she). But she still scares easily. So when we take her to a kennel so we can go out of town, she flips the freak out. She gives us this woeful, tortured, abandoned look as we leave, and then spends the entire time cowering in a corner until we pick her up, at which point she LEAPS into the car. Apparently she even snapped at the kennel owner a time or two, though he was able to handle her after a little time passed. She calmed down enough that he could report “she’s a lovely dog, but in bad need of socializing with other dogs.” He said the trouble is she doesn’t believe she’s a dog.

Entitled little mutt.

So we talked things over with the kennel owner, and seeing the huge lack of socialization opportunities here, we’ve worked out a deal where he’ll take her for a 10-day period, and hopefully in that time she’ll learn how to play with other dogs. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what we’ll do.

And in the meantime, I’m not sure what we’ll do. Toby and I keep saying how sad we’ll be when she’s gone for 10 days. We even missed her this weekend and that was just two days. I’m pretty sure we’re acting like our own flesh and blood child is going off to boarding school. It’ll be just the two of us bouncing around the whole, big house alone again! I’m pretty sure we’ll mope.

In other news, six more days of class until I finish my Thai language class. You have no idea how excited I am. Learning to read and write in Thai sucks balls is tedious. Not only do you have to learn a whole new alphabet with 5 different tones, half the consonants change their sound from when they’re at the beginning of the syllable to when they’re at the end of a syllable. And a bunch of the vowels are written differently if they’re followed by a consonant, except one or two of them if they’re followed by a Y sound. Then they’re written a different way entirely. While other vowels are not allowed to be followed by consonants at all…. Even the numbers are written differently! But it is pretty cool when you can do it, so I’m sure it’ll be worth it. For now, I’m happy I can read menus and road signs. If I get uber ambitious, I might – MIGHT – work my way up to children’s books.

Careful, though. I might strain something.

Anyway, I need to grab some lunch. Thanks for stopping by for the chat! Can’t wait to hear how your week is going!

- Cheers! -

Join in for coffee, hosted by the lovely Amy!

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6 thoughts on “virtual coffee

  1. Good luck with your puppy vacation…. eeks! Sounds hard. I don't even really like it when Munchie has a one-night sleepover somewhere.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee break with me!

  2. Aww, I totally know how it is to leave your dog. The house feels so empty! But hopefully that works for her and she'll be a better dog for it! And congrats on almost being done with your language class! Learning a language has got to be one of the hardest things ever, and anyone that can do it is amazing in my book. :-)

  3. I love Hyperbole and a half!

    I hope your pup realizes s she's a dog soon, poor thing, must be confusing!

    Thanks for coffee!

  4. So glad you guys were able to get away for your bday and have a wonderful time – your pics are absolutely stunning and make me want to hop on a plane to Thailand this instant :)

    Good luck with the puppy socialising – I can imagine it would be difficult in a country where many people don't traditionally see dogs as pets!



  5. Immersing yourself in another culture can be daunting, so give yourself a break as far as the reading and writing goes. Now, your dog doesn't think she's a dog. Hmmm… That's funny because I often don't think I'm a human. It's worth a try to socialize her since you are hoping to have her for the rest of her life. Good to start some rules and enforce them. Oh, who knows? I know that my pets usually end up ruling my roost. Thanks for tea!

  6. Aw, poor Dot. I know people kennel their dogs all of the time, but I just can't imagine kenneling mine. At least if I had to, there'd be three of them miserable together. I'm not saying you shouldn't kennel your dog. I just can't imagine what it feels like to be a dog in a place like that. Anyway…

    I cracked up at the image your post conjured in my brain… of Dot on a doctor's exam table, with the Doc, white coat and all, shaking his head, telling you sadly… "The problem is, she doesn't believe she's a dog." I hope the socialization experiment helps. You could always adopt another pup, you know. I can't imagine a one-dog home. Sometimes three dogs is a lot, but I love my crazy little pack. :-)

    I have an idea… to celebrate your graduation, write a brief note in Thai, take a picture of it, post it here, and then let us know what it says. I'd love to see that. So many Americans are ignorant to the effort it takes to speak another language much less read and write in one that doesn't use the same symbols!