Faces {Remembered}

I almost never repost posts I’ve written, but at Hyacynth’s suggestion, I felt compelled to see what I wrote this time last year. I knew I was getting prepared to make our big move to Thailand, but oh, the bigger memory is of a couple of the faces I really miss seeing around.

I suppose I should have something witty, insightful or charming to say, but I’ve been playing the Bureaucracy Game going back and forth with the embassy (driving two hours each way) and now I’m pooped. But instead of words, I’ll show you sweet and charming faces. And hopefully they’ll make you smile like they make me smile, and you and me both can call it a day.

My brother and his baby girl

And baby girl be like: “Whatchoo takin’ pictures for?” Just like that. Gangsta style and all. You can see it in her face.

Ok maybe not. Maybe I’m just making sh*t up and really she was like “Wow cool! Is that A D300? I read about those in Wired.” Cuz she’s six and can text faster than I can.

Bet she learned it from her uncle. {EDIT: Who, by the way, has lost over 25 pounds since we moved to Thailand through no particular effort on his part.}

You think that’s a book in his hands. Nope. It’s an iPad. With wings. erm…I mean, leather-bound cover.

And this is me, preparing my “Don’t you mess with me, Mr. Bureaucrat” face.

Which I realize comes across more like “Um…excuse me? Is this the right room? Oh the next one over. Okay….”

What can I say? I’m working on it.

What were you up to this time last year? Join in the conversation at Hyacynth’s!
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4 thoughts on “Faces {Remembered}

  1. I missed it the first time around, so I'm glad you reposted this one! Your niece is so cute. She actually looks a lot like you. I cannot believe Toby has lost 25 pounds, by the way. I think that face at the end, too, was probably what got you through the red tape. ;-)

    Thanks for remembering with me today. :)

  2. That picture of your brother and his daughter is way cute! And Hyacynth is right: she DOES look like you! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. I was just reflecting this morning on where I was a year ago this time, and even 2 years ago–thinking how far I've come (or not) in different respects….and wondering what life will look like next year at this time. But I got overwhelmed and just decided to stay in today :) I can't believe your husband lost 25 lbs! That is awesome–could it be the difference between a normal American diet vs. Thailand fare? That's my guess…