Pinnacle Moments {Queen Lucy}

Welcome to the second edition of Pinnacle Moments, where we are sharing our transcendent moments: times of utmost clarity, of profound decisions, and of deepest love! Last week, we read Cynthia’s story of community and inspiration (and divine brownies). This week, I would like to introduce you to witty and fabulous, Queen Lucy the Valiant. Pull up a squooshy, comfy cushiony chair, refresh your cup of coffee or tea and maybe snag some chocolate. You’ll need it for this tale that melts the heart!
From Lucy:

I rested my forehead against the airplane window and gazed out at a field of clouds, barely seeing them. It’s a short plane ride from Atlanta to Dallas, but my heart had been leaping and bounding for the entire trip. I was painfully, physically aware that I was hurtling towards the most important person in my world, and that I barely knew him. It was the most surreal feeling I’ve ever known, that unshakable conviction that we belonged together even though we’d only spent a week together a few months before. I felt like the bride of an arranged marriage, about to meet her groom for the first time, but no matchmaker or parent had arranged this. No matter how crazy it sounded, I knew with perfect clarity that God had. I didn’t question that but just then, struggling with my nerves in the airplane, I did question other things. Was I ready for this? Was he? Would the present reality of who I was match up favorably with his memory of that first week? What about the present reality of who he was? How could we be in love, really in love already? Was it all some elaborate dream? My nerves have never been stretched so thin, before or since that plane ride. Yet underneath it all ran that sweet, unshakable conviction that this was right.

Three months before, I had flown to Texas to spend my Christmas break with some friends. Not liking the sound of the guy I was currently dating (casually dating, I had stressed to him before I left, we aren’t exclusive. I’m not ready for exclusive right now.) they decided to set me up on a blind date or two over the break. They set up a date with a boy from their church, a boy I vaguely remembered seeing on a previous visit. (A boy, I found out later, who had tried to talk to me then because he thought I was pretty. A boy who occasionally saw pictures of me at this friend’s house and would say to himself, “I’m going to marry her. No, that’s crazy.”)

He’d called me to set up the date, and I laid in bed that night, plotting what to wear. Then the thought hit me with so much force that I sat up in bed – “I’m going to marry him.”

The next day he picked me up and took me to a movie (King Kong, and I cringed into his shoulder whenever those gigantic bugs came onscreen) and then dinner and then bowling and he showed me how to play pool, and checked me out in the nice way, not the creepy way. He took me out again the next day, and we kissed for the first time that evening. He’d always prayed that he would know the girl he was supposed to marry when he kissed her, he told me later.

We spent every waking minute together for the rest of the week, and the night I went back to school we talked for hours.

“This is kind of embarrassing,”  He’d said as I sat in the hallway of my dorm late that night. “I don’t want to freak you out. But I…told all my friends that I’m going to marry you.”

“That’s funny, I told all my friends that I’m going to marry you!” I laughed, happiness overwhelming me. And it had been as simple as that, just an accepted truth that we belonged together. Through marathon phone conversations we planned our future together. We discussed wedding logistics and discovered how much we had in common… religion, politics, how to make tuna sandwiches. We talked about careers and goals and babies and we knew we sounded crazy, but we didn’t care. When a relationship is not right, you know, deep down inside, even if you don’t admit it to yourself. But when it is right…it just is. Like gravity, or breathing air.

I hadn’t suffered any doubts or second thoughts until that plane ride from Atlanta to Dallas three months later, going down for Spring break, knowing that I would be going back at the end of the week with an engagement ring. Every doubt and fear was packed into those two and a half hours, and I barely had the courage to get up after every other passenger had left. It wasn’t the memory of those first kisses, or the impossibly wonderful conversations we’d had since, or the longing to see him again that gave me courage to move. It was that conviction that this was God’s plan. Fear and doubt and anxiety stripped everything else away, but that conviction stubbornly remained. I couldn’t argue with it or deny it.

I got up and exited the plane. I stopped at the restroom to fix my hair and makeup. I dragged my feet to the baggage claim. And there he was, waiting for me, wearing jeans and a t-shirt and great big construction boots, right off a shift at the warehouse where he worked then.

“Ohhhh.” Breathed that anxious internal voice that had been panicking for the past two and a half hours. “Him. I remember, he’s perfect.” I launched myself up into his arms and he held me against his chest, tighter than tight. And we have stayed that way ever since.


I don’t know about y’all, but my heart’s doing palpitations! Join us again next week for another edition of Pinnacle Moments. If you have a transcendental moment to share, let me know in the comments or email me. We’d love to hear your tale!
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6 thoughts on “Pinnacle Moments {Queen Lucy}

  1. What a beautiful story!! I could feel the nervous anticipation of true love. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow. Beautiful story that was beautifully written. I was smiling with tears in my eyes at the end. What a happy tale. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I could relate so much to this story, Lucy…I only knew my husband for five weeks when he left to return to college–ironically in the Dallas area. I flew out to visit him over Thanksgiving, knowing, like you that I would be returning with a ring, because we'd talked over the phone about it all…including how he returned home from our first date and told his mom he was going to marry me. Needless to say, your story brough back lots of memories for me. And, you are right…when you know, you know ;)