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Journaling Life in Thailand

Happy Chinese New Year and Welcome to the Year of the Dragon! I’m a monkey and apparently dragons and monkeys are good friends, so this year is supposed to be an auspicious one. Hear that, water dragon? Y’all better treat this metal monkey right!

Heh. What’s your Chinese sign? Does the dragon portend good or ill for you?

Chinese New Year does get some play in Thailand, especially if your ancestors were Chinese. There’s fireworks and dragons dancing through supermarkets followed by loud cymbals, and a flurry of red envelopes passed around. Everybody loves the red envelopes!

In other news, I think I might have been hit with a bit of culture shock upon coming home to Thailand after a week in Hong Kong. It’s funny how that happens: that the adjustment isn’t always in going away, but rather sometimes in coming back. I’m not sure what was going on exactly, but it was some kind of disgruntlement that lasted until I decided to go exploring. I found event calendars displaying what all of interest is going on in the city, found some intriguing Thai movies to go see, and started hunting for bakery and coffee supply shops for the specialty items missing in my life.

Ok, no lie. It’s the kitchen stuff that made me happy.

Especially when I found these:

See what’s up there on the shelf?

Pretty, vintage coffee grinders! Which I totally wanted to buy just to take a ton of pictures. Unfortunately, Luckily, I forgot to bring my cash with me.

The really funny thing was, I’d found a reference for one baking supply shop and one coffee supply shop. When I went looking for the coffee supply shop, I couldn’t find it. But I did find a store with baking supplies, including the rolling pin I needed. Then when I went looking for the baking supply shop, in it’s place was this fantastic coffee supply store with the above-mentioned vintage style coffee grinders. So Thailand for you.

This shop was a serious treasure trove though. It had everything you could imagine: flavored syrups, specialty stirrers, gorgeous latte cups, milk frothers, bialettis, adorable aprons, and even vacuum coffee machines that would look at home in any steampunk novel.

And in these days of calm after the storm, my little family of husband, wife, and dog, has been scrabbling close and closer to each other, so any lingering disgruntlement seems to have faded in those simple comforts.

In the meantime, one of the things I did bring back with me is a resurgence in my appreciation for tea. Good thing tea is easy to find in Thailand.

These days, I’m sipping jasmine.

What’s in your cup?

One more thing before you go! I know I don’t talk so much about my work with SOLD these days, but I’m writing on SOLD’s blog today, and I hope you’ll take a moment to read my post titled “It Happens So Fast”. A piece of my heart is there.



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11 thoughts on “As Spotted on the Thai Side

  1. I'm a sheep.

    I have no idea what that means for me, but I'm a sheep. Probably vain, artistic, and moody. Which would sum me up.

    I loved this post. So perfect in every single way. I'm glad that you are getting used to being back home. And that you found a rolling pin. Mine gets good use.



  2. So glad I finally caught up with you! Happy New Year, monkey! I am a rat and we are very loyal friends. Oh, coffee, tea, you name it – I love it all. It's true that it is often the little things that give us the most pleasure, like finding the right rolling pin. I will go over and see that piece of your heart you posted on SOLD.

  3. i have no idea what i am…i knew at one time but now i forget…? i love all of your pictures of Thailand and yes, those grinders are very cool and it sounds like you happened upon a great shop. heading over to check out your post on the SOLD blog now, thanks for coffee Jade!

  4. love those coffee grinders!

    i did wonder what coffee in thailand would be like – being a country of tea-makers…

    thanks for sharing :) xx

  5. Happy Chinese New Year, Jade! Even though I don't really drink coffee, I'd love to have one of those vintage coffee grinders. They're so lovely!

  6. Wow, to actually celebrate the Chinese New Year in that part of the world! I'm a dragon and my husband is a monkey – no wonder we get along so well! I think it's going to be a fabulous year. = )

  7. Hi, My sister has lived in Thailand for 4 years and says that the coffee is gorgeous but very expensive compared to the UK. Enjoying your great photos :)

  8. She says that coffee to drink out in a cafe etc is reasonably cheap, but when she first moved there she went to buy a jar of Maxwell House an instant coffee in the supermarket and it was £12 a jar, in the UK it is around £4. Though what a lovely place, she is in Chiang Mai where my brother in law designs motorbikes for Triumph in the Thai factory. I am really pleased I found your blog I will be an avid reader.:)