{Bigger Picture Moments} Dancing Under Wisteria

Photography by Kelly Segre Photography

It was after everyone had departed. The grounds were quiet. Guests had headed to their hotels to change or freshen up for the reception. Our photographers had taken all the shots they needed after the ceremony. Our wedding party had a few minutes to wander the gardens in the golden evening light, and we had a few minutes to bask in the glow of: yes, we are actually married.

Everything else melted away and it was just me and him, an untouchable two who had newly become one.

What a special feeling that is, isn’t it? You remember it, even years later: the warmth on your skin, the way he squeezed your hand extra tight, the radiance of colors, the effervescence of love. You’re so full of it, you’re positively thrumming. It feels impossible to fit that much happiness in one being all at once.

So we danced. We took strident, world-conquering steps together towards the wisteria arch, under which we were wed. And in the shade of fragrant, lavender blossoms, we danced. Coordinating our steps to the song in our hearts, he led with princely poise and I twirled down on Cinderella toes.

In the garden, in the quiet, in the glow, we danced.

Photography by Kelly Segre Photography


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13 thoughts on “{Bigger Picture Moments} Dancing Under Wisteria

  1. Oh, yes! I remember those first few newlywed moments, too. You captured the power and the intimacy and the quiet of it all so well! Beautiful!

    (And I LOVE your pictures!)

  2. By the way, I've been trying to link up my Bigger Picture Moment this week, but for some reason it won't let me. The linky-thing keeps telling me I don't have a back link in place, but I do already have the link to your post incorporated into mine. Am I misunderstanding what they mean by back link? (Or is anyone else having the same problem?)

  3. well, i confess i was convinced your announcement was you were pregnant… :)

    but this is a wonderful idea! and such fun to meet up over other things than coffee :)

    i have linked up, but i'm sure i've messed it up…

    i didn't want that icon image… not sure if i've linked things back correctly on the blog post either… and you may decide it's not the 'right' kind of post…

    it IS about love – divine love – it IS thoughtful and and it IS about the bigger picture…

    could you drop by and let me know, jade? i'd really appreciate it :)

    much love, claire (from Virtual Coffee)

  4. I love remembering those first moments after two become one — the raw emotion, the warmth, the beauty of the new union. Every once and awhile I get swept back to that feeling of being newly wed … and here I am again after reading yours getting ready to go kiss that husband of mine.

    {Also, you looked gorgeous!}

  5. I confess that my daughter's wedding (last October) is much more vivid in my mind than my own (28 years ago!!) My husband and I looked through a scrapbook I made of our dating/engagement/wedding and honeymoon on Tuesday…after our Valentine dinner…it's full of cards we wrote back in the day and wonderful memories. I think that feeling you describe came to me on our honeymoon – I'm not great at letting the 'crowd' and their expectations fade away….I live in awe that the feelings of those first moments follow us and find us even after all these years!! This was lovely!

  6. Oh, Jade – YES! I can remember the 'effervescence of love.' This brings back SO poignantly the pre-wedding jitters that were easily replaced by the grasp of my new HUSBAND's warm hand. Thank you so much for evoking these memories by sharing your own!

    Beautiful :)

  7. Those sweet moments when the feeling of actually being married is sinking in…such great memories!

    I didn't get my post done for today, although I had good intentions! Congrats on being part of the BPB writing team!

  8. No matter how many years pass you will ALWAYS remember that day … that moment … it's truly priceless. Keep on dancing through life, it will get you through the good times, and the bad times.