Age {A Bigger Picture Moment}

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In a little over a month, I turn 32. What does this mean? Scientifically speaking, I suppose it means I’ve hit my sexual peak and am moving towards an age marked by reduced fertility. Gray hairs have started to weave their way through my tresses, which are not as thick as they once were. My skin is not as vibrant or taut, my ability to shed weight even less remarkable. Where I might have once enjoyed a few nights on the town, drinking with large groups of friends in loud bars, I now drink in the joy of a smooth cocktail sipped in a quiet lounge, or even a night in.

I remember when life in high school was my frame of reference for most any topic of conversation. Then it became college. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen myself in the faces of college undergrads. They all seem so young to me now.

I recently read David Sedaris’s memoir, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and spent most of it wondering how the hell he remembers all that crap from childhood. Most of my memories have long since faded. Years gained, people and moments lost.


At 32, I’ve grown comfortable in my own skin. I know what’s important to me (family, words, travel, creativity, food, new and enriching experiences), and I know what is not (convention, status symbols, money for its own sake). I revel in simple joys more, and more often. I know I have a lot of opinions and ideas and I don’t hesitate to voice them. I know I have the right to be heard and, after many silent years, I’ve now found my voice and I intend to use it. I encourage others to shed their own barriers preventing them from the full realization of self. I know, too, that my opinions are nothing more than that. In fact the older I get, the more I know I don’t know. But I’m okay with ambiguity.

I have a loving husband, a sweet dog, and a large, caring family that extends in many directions. I have a life in which I’ve insisted on pursuing my dreams – even as they and I have changed.

I have many miles left to walk yet and many more destinations to reach, but I’ve never been more comfortable, ready, happy, fulfilled, and proud to be me.

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“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.” 
- Author Unknown

What moments stole your breath away this week? 

Each Thursday, we come together to celebrate living life with intention by capturing a glimmer of the bigger picture through a simple moment. Have you found yourself in such a moment lately? Share it with us! 

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.
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13 thoughts on “Age {A Bigger Picture Moment}

  1. I like who you are at almost-32 :) I grow frustrated, sometimes, at my seemingly slow progress toward self-improvement and other various goals, but my doubts are silenced almost instantly when I look back at where I've come from.

    You know how much your honesty and bravery inspire me; I look forward to seeing how our future selves –and friendship!– continue to grow.

    • I totally get frustrated and impatient too! There's so much more I want to do and be. And there are still moments where I look at myself and wonder, "what AM I doing?" – as if having a 9 – 5 office job would somehow give my life more legitimacy. Except I did have that once and wasn't happy there and I knew it….grass is always greener, I guess.

      But you're right. It's the part where we look back and see how far we've come that matters, as much as knowing how far we still have to go. Your steadiness and commitment to family are inspiring too. I love having friends who inspire me to be more and better – and I too look forward to seeing how you and I continue to grow as well, my friend!

  2. The very best part of aging is (finally) understanding my value and that what I think *is* important. And you're right, there's so much strength and power in realizing that a chaotic lifestyle of more-more-more always leads to less. Great lessons here!

  3. This is so honest. And simple. And healthy. I'm 51, and feel the same – happy to be in this stage and age, ok with what I know I don't know…I didn't have this sense of acceptance until well into my forties, so it makes me so happy for you to read these words and hear you're there at such a young age!!

  4. You DO know what is important. I have often come here admiring your strength and wisdom. I am proud to call you partner and your written word inspires me. I can't WAIT to read the novel you are working on. Which means YOU HAVE to get older. ;)


  5. I too am comfortable with the ambiguity. There is almost relief in realizing all that you don't know so long as you understand that you don't really have to know.

    Love the profile shot of you. There is a gentle beauty to it. Serene.

  6. I like who you are at 32! I wasn't that far along on my journey at 32. I was digging deep and walking the path but hadn't reached that point where I was truly free and happy with who I am. There really is a lot of strength and power in knowing who you are being able to express it.

  7. Enjoying the age you are now…is so wonderful. And yet so many more miles to walk and destinations to reach…is so exciting! Reading your post just makes me excited for what you have ahead of you, and you've already accomplished so much! :)

  8. Congratulation, a happy tost, big XOXOXO, for your self-realization and progress. For me, at my age, I appreciate more to see how I may face look in the morning before gravity takes effect. More importantly, I found I can more readily speak up for myself. And that feel so good.

  9. Hi Jade…..

    From this year on…..i am going minus 1 year on my birthday. So next year I will be 32! As for physical appearance…'s hard to compete with 20 years old now but a lot of people even thais said I still look like late 20's hahahahahaha. Recently my sister in laws told me she thought Luke was rocking the cradle….she thought her brother was married to this young 25 years old chick!!! I love it!!!!! For face…..I am taking care of it quite well….can't leave it dry now….don't want wrinkle!!!

    Happy Pre Birthday…..xoxoxo

  10. You are beautiful — your heart, your mind, your body. I think you just radiate beauty and self-awareness. That's a gift we don't see a lot of people enjoy even by midlife. And you hold it in your hands at 31. Such a poignant and transparent piece, Jade.

  11. Hurry up and turn 32, okay? Because then we'll be the same age and that will be fun! :-)

    I love your self-awareness here and I think you have a great perspective, but sheesh, here I was thinking I was still really young…