Adventure List

As our adventure in Europe comes to a close and we head back to life in the tropics, I thought now would be a perfect time to share my adventure list. I was inspired by Alita’s adventure list, which was in turn was prompted by Emily’s at The Keeping Time.

So here they are, in no particular order, other than what came to mind:

1. I’ve flown over the Atlantic and the Pacific, over the Rockies and over Kabul.
2. I’ve eaten ostrich, Kudu and impala (both are kinds of deer), crocodile, rabbit, octopus, and crickets.
3. I’ve ridden on a horse, an ostrich, and several elephants, in motorized rickshaws (tuk-tuks) and trams, subways and ferries.
4. I’ve dined with Zulu warriors.
5. I’ve ridden the longest escalator in the world.
6. I’ve gotten a Ph.D.
7. I’ve lived in more than one country.
8. I’ve traveled on multiple passports.
9. I’ve sat in the chambers of Congress, and perched on France’s seat at the UN Security Council table.
10. I’ve watched the original Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera - and been scorned by a date who thought I was so uncool as to be talking about actual opera.
11. I’ve gone spelunking in Costa Rica.
12. I’ve been rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and roller skating.
13. I’ve watched lions play in the wild on safari in Africa….I also nearly ran into a giraffe, and backtracked away from angry rhinos.
14. I’ve had coffee with a Consulate General.
15. I’ve heard Bill Clinton speak, in person.
16. I’ve stayed out until 5 a.m., clubbing in Kreuzberg.
17. I’ve fallen in love.
18. I’ve had my heart broken.
19. I’ve been wed, three times, to the same man.
20. I’ve seen castles.
21. I’ve been to rock concerts.
22. I’ve listened to Ave Maria in St. Adalbert’s church basilica in Krakow.
23. I’ve voted freely in elections and exercised my freedom of speech.
24. I’ve had the most amazing cocktail at Employees Only in NYC.
25. I’ve crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
26. I’ve seen the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and watched a man literally on a soapbox in Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park.
27. I’ve been to Burning Man.
28. I’ve slept in a car to avoid the cost of a hotel.
29. I’ve walked through the red light districts of Bangkok and Amsterdam.
30. I’ve hung out at the houses of Monet and Rembrandt van Rijn.
31. I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris and chuckled at the one in Prague.
32. I’ve made the front page of The Los Angeles Times - for being in a car accident.
33. I’ve been a belly dancer.
34. I’ve toured the hunting lodge of the Princes of Lichtenstein.
35. I’ve ridden roller coasters and wandered haunted mazes.
36. I’ve pet a stingray.
37. I’ve had three pet dogs.
38. I’ve been on a cruise.
39. I’ve done naughty things in public places.
40. I’ve worked for magazines.
41. I’ve been treated like an idiot by government officials in Burma.
42. I’ve made special brownies.
43. I’ve been published.
44. I did a news report on T.V.
45. I played the piano and clarinet.
46. I’ve had conversations in French and in Thai.
47. I’ve risked everything to pursue a dream.
48. I’ve driven cars and a scooter on both sides of the road.
49. I’ve driven on the autobahn in Germany and on the sidewalk in Krakow.
50. I’ve stood atop the Empire State Building.

51. I’ve suffered through wearing braces.
52. I’ve been mocked for wearing a Wonderbra (when I actually wasn’t).
53. I’ve totally blanked in front of an audience and whispered a stream of cuss words while I stood at the mike until I remembered my speech, then carried on like nothing had happened.
54. I’ve shot a .22 Sigg-Sauer.
55. I’ve sung my heart out.
56. I’ve seen the Blue Man Group perform live.
57. I’ve been kicked out of a cafe.
58. I’ve practiced yoga and meditated.
59. I’ve participated in a monkey chant.
60. I’ve fainted.
61. I’ve dislocated my elbow.
62. I’ve fractured my wrist.
63. I’ve said things I didn’t mean, and refrained from saying things I meant.
64. I’ve tried to get pregnant.
65. I’ve written two full-length novels and a dissertation.
66. I’ve sat next to Verne Troyer (think “Mini Me”) on a plane.
67. I’ve sat next to D.J. Christopher Lawrence on a different flight.
68. I’ve won a Looney Tunes watch from a Nickelodeon call-in.
69. I’ve gotten lost in a shanty town in Africa at night and had a police escort out.
70. I’ve been in a car as it was (accidentally) backed off a ledge.
71. I’ve dated a pizza delivery boy, a drummer, a salesman, a momma’s boy, a techie, and an artist.
72. I’ve spoken with a Southern accent.
73. I’ve had an epiphany.
74. I’ve been camping in Yosemite.
75. I’ve gone swimming in the ocean.
76. I’ve been told by a cop I should drive home drunk rather than sleep it off in the car (aka “loitering”). (I didn’t drive home drunk.)
77. I’ve walked through a gas chamber at Auschwitz and come out the other side.
78. I’ve watched a snake eat a frog.
79. I’ve had three pet rabbits.
80. I’ve had a fish named Sushi.
81. I’ve stayed up all night talking.
82. I’ve gotten a chili seed in my eye – I don’t recommend this.
83. I’ve spent the night in the home of people whose names I didn’t know.
84. I’ve seen the Mona Lisa.
85. I’ve gazed across my family’s rice fields.
86. I’ve been awed at the Colosseum in Rome.
87. I’ve ridden an overnight train.
88. I’ve shopped in open air markets.
89. I’ve baked a celebratory treacle tart and a seasonal rhubarb crumble.
90. I’ve been kayaking and snorkeling.
91. I’ve had my hair done up in cornrows in the Bahamas.
92. I’ve dyed my hair purple.
93. I’ve been wine tasting.
94. I’ve been stood up.
95. I’ve been proud of my husband, as his work was displayed in shows in NYC and Boston.
96. I’ve been a Valedictorian.
97. I’ve seen a live volcano.
98. I’ve walked the halls of Monte Carlo.
99. I’ve sailed a sailboat….
100. I’ve bottle-fed and played with baby tigers.
 What are some of your adventures?

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11 thoughts on “Adventure List

  1. Your adventures are quite fantastical – I should look through your list and see which I should try to copy!

  2. Shut up!! Your list puts my list to shame. And if I didn't already wanted to get together for coffee (or a drink out on the town) I would now. What a full life you've had… and you just got started. ;) )) xo!!!

    • Are you kidding? There's a ton of stuff on your list I'm dying to hear more about! :) We totally need to get together for some girl chats.

      And you know the really funny thing is I'm such a homebody. While I do like a night out from time to time, I generally prefer staying at home watching TV with Toby to going out and partying and drinking all night all the time. He has some college friends I know think I'm a total bore because I don't go out and get wasted with them. Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

  3. That's an incredible list!!!

    (and I had to laugh at the mini-me comment – he's in the "news" today after being locked in an airplane bathroom!)

  4. I kind of feel like I want to hang out with you Emily and Alita a little more. Your lists are amazing. And the Ave Maria ring through a cathedral … music to my ears.

  5. Alita is right, when are you going to right a Memoir girl! Such an exciting life! I'm not sure I could come up with 50 let alone 100!

  6. um… my life feels a little boring after reading this. i might have to make my own list, just to see if i've actually done anything in the last 37 years….

    • It's kind of funny, but when I sat down to write this list I thought I'd have trouble coming up with 100. Most days, I feel pretty normal and quiet and boring, choosing books and staying in over going out and hitting up every party possible. I kind of forgot what all has happened, until I began to tot it all up.