As Spotted on the Thai Side (a day late)

Journaling Life Abroad

And…we’re back! If you and I were actually meeting for coffee, I’d {ashamedly} hand you a cold Nescafe in a can because that’s all we got until I get a chance to go grocery shopping this afternoon. We survived our trip…a 32-hour jaunt, including a 15-hour layover in Moscow, which is exactly as fun as it sounds. We left Berlin at midnight, and two hours later, landed in Russia at 5 in the morning, and crawled our way around the terminal desperate for someplace to sleep. We tried the sleeping sitting straight up thing, but I just couldn’t do it. Plus it was noisy. The Russians apparently get busy at dawn on Sundays. Finally, I found a relatively quiet spot tucked away from the main thoroughfare, where we could shove rows of seats together and create a sort of bed. I managed to get an hour of shut-eye that way. Toby fared better than I did, and got quite a few hours in.

Are you able to sleep through most anything, or are you a light sleeper?

So the adventure has ended and we’re home now, reunited with our little Dot…and we’re glad to be home, even if it means we have to combat the mold, ticks, gecko poop, and spider invasion that has advanced in our absence. Wildlife sure does have a way of asserting itself given half a chance. I’m trying to do laundry as quick as possible to prevent mold spreading, but it is rainy season and we don’t have a dryer…so line drying often feels much like an exercise in futility.

I may break down and get a maid.

Still, there’s Thai food! And our mouths have been exploding in delight at flavors we haven’t tasted in over a month.

Man, I missed spice. I really did. What do you miss most from home when you go away?

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed too, with the jet lag, plus just thinking about how much work I need to do this month. I’ll be spending more time than usual at SOLD, which I’m not quite mentally prepared for yet. Thankfully, I have a few days to get my brain in gear. And I have a ton of editing work to finish asap before submitting my manuscript to agents.

But today, I’m going to treat myself a little bit and go get a haircut and maybe do up my nails in a new color. I’m going a bit radical this time with my cut. I got some ideas while in Berlin (urban Berliners sure do have some really cool cuts!), so we’ll see how it goes. I may share pictures – if I don’t hate it!

All in all, it’s nice to get back to routine and quiet. Ahhh quiet. After so much time spent in cities, my ears are practically ringing with it.

Hope you all are well! Thanks for joining in for the coffee chat, such as it is. Have a great Wednesday!

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One thought on “As Spotted on the Thai Side (a day late)

  1. Welcome back! I'll be thinking about you while you get everything set up again. Good luck reclaiming your house! :-)