Random Acts of Kindness {A Bigger Picture Moment}

10 Acts of Faith and Generosity I’ve Been Witness To

A few weeks ago, I posted an adventure list: 100 crazy, weird, exciting, challenging, and fun, novel, life-altering things I’ve seen, eaten and done in my lifetime. I like to think this list shows I’m a bit of a fan of the world and all it has to offer. I like to think it shows I’ve seen a fair bit of human kind as well. And me? I’m a fan of people. News articles and office politics and snarky comments on a bad day regularly expose us to the awful things we’re capable of doing and saying to one another. When people are frightened or angry, we can be particularly unkind.

But we’re capable of great selflessness too. I think about the people who donate money during tragedy, the people who adopt children or pets who need a home, the people who continually choose to purchase music & movies & books when they could be easily gotten online for free, the people who see a need and fill it without having to be asked – whether that need is a lost stranger, a society broken, or simply a trashcan needing to be emptied. I think of the people who always have a kind word for those around them, who choose to honor and support their fellow man rather than cut him down. I think of those who choose forgiveness over retribution. This post is for them.

Ten Random Acts of Kindness To Which I’ve Been Privvy 

1. A stranger on the street once complimented me on my dress.

2. Two Thai women saw me struggling to get my scooter out of a ditch and they came and lifted my motorbike out for me – with me on it.

3. My father once backed our car over a ledge and four African men came over and lifted the car back onto the street.

4. A group of near-strangers gave me a place to stay in Munich and showed me around the city.

5. Free book-swap stations in the guesthouses I’ve stayed in, and the one I saw on the street corner in Prenzlauerberg in Berlin.

6. Soon after we moved to Thailand, we got into a motorcycle accident and ended up at the police station trying to negotiate to determine who was at-fault, but we barely spoke any Thai at that point. So friends we barely knew came to our rescue, drove clear across town, skipped their dinner, and spent nearly two hours negotiating for us and got us a fair outcome.

7. A near-stranger insisted I stay in her home with her family & kids because she was worried about my safety staying alone. They fed me breakfast in the morning and the kids walked with me back to work the next day.

8. One time we got lost in a shanty town in South Africa and it was pitch-dark at night with no electricity anywhere. Some concerned citizens worried for our safety and lead us to a police station and the police escorted us to where we needed to be.

9. When I was in the midst of my Master’s exams, my step-mother-in-law cooked food and brought it over for me so I could focus on my 48-hour take-home exam (in which I had to write (3) 10-15 page essays, complete with bibliographies).

10. It seems almost like cheating to mention anything that happened at Burning Man, but one night I lost my hubby’s really expensive camera out on the playa. I was devastated; distraught even. But we went to lost & found a couple of days later, and there it was, complete with pictures on the memory card and everything.

And one for the road:

My husband was once on a road trip with friends in a ’73 VW bus and the bus broke down while going up a hill. He managed to find a NAPA Auto Parts store, but they didn’t have the part he needed. However, an auto parts store a couple hours’ drive away did. So the manager at the auto parts store gave Toby the keys to his own truck and let Toby drive it over to the other store to get the part. Toby tried to fill up the gas tank on the way back as a thank you, but had to stop at $75 because he was poor and couldn’t afford more. Turns out, that truck had TWO gas tanks.

What acts of kindness have you been a witness to?

(This post was inspired by this article: 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity)

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9 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness {A Bigger Picture Moment}

  1. Thanks! The part I love is that I keep thinking of more examples after I posted it. That makes me smile. :)

  2. I'm glad that you've been able to experience the kindness of strangers. Today a woman at the store mistakenly thought I was graduating from college, which I took as a compliment. And that was kindness to me!

  3. It is easy to get inundated with negativity and bad news in this world. You gave me a sense of peace enumerating kind acts.

    I always feel so good when I stop by your corner of the world.

  4. LOVE every word of this! My daughter sent me that 21 stories link yesterday – I think it's very inspiring that you shared your own….payed it forward so to speak! I'm inspired to compose my own list!!

  5. Oh, this was food for my soul today. I loved reading each of those acts. I smell a Writing Me meme in the making … :-)

    Lately, I've been witness to the kindness of friends who think and listen hard and long before they speak and when they speak their words are grace and truth and love. Such kindness.

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome! You have seen and experienced some COOL people, Miss Jade :)

    This makes me wonder if my eyes are open to the good parts as much as they are to the bad. I hope…

  7. I will never forget that one time when I was stranded in a little obscure town in southern Philippines at the height of all the kidnappings… Traveling alone, no cash on me and the only ATM in the only bank was offline. Next flight out was the following day. The bank manager loaned me her own money, drove me over to her friends who took me around town to show me the sights, introduced me to the owners of the hotel. The owners invited me for breakfast at their place before I was picked up again by the friends of the bank manager. They drove me to the airport and saw me off. Talk about the kindness of strangers!