1Q84 from Chiang Mai

I walked in to a Kinokuniya book store in Bangkok, the very one where I first discovered Haruki Murakami when I had picked up Norwegian Wood and became entranced from page one. This time, it seemed only fitting, like a burgeoning tradition, to pick up another book of his. I chose 1Q84. It’s a 1,300-page trilogy, but I was in the mood to be immersed, deeply.

In the book, a song is referenced repeatedly: Janacek’s Sinfonietta. I hadn’t heard of it before. It was mentioned so often, I felt compelled to hunt it down and hear its sound.

I found it easily. One can always count on You Tube for music.

I almost never read the comments on You Tube because comments there, as on political articles, always seem to attract the worst of the un-erudite and the fringiest of the fringe.

But the comments here caught my eye.

1Q84 from Jackson Heights

1Q84 from Hong Kong

1Q84 from Berlin

1Q84 from Malaysia

…from Dusseldorf, from Naples, from Mexico, from Alabama, from Russia, from Lisbon, from Montreal, from Delaware, from Philadelphia, from Seoul, from California.

…from Bangkok.

…from Chiang Mai.

Days ago. Hours ago. Minutes ago. People all over the world. Someone in my same city.

All reading the same book and listening to the same song.

All of a sudden, the big, big world felt so very, very small.
Like I could reach out and touch the edges
and find the souls dotted across the landscape
were like beautiful and varied mirrors one could cup in one’s hand,

Transient, like snowflakes and the cadential light of fireflies.

It doesn’t often feel that way, especially not in an election season when we’re engrossed in the magnification of minor differences. But we’re all still here. Together.

When we look up at the night sky, the moon we see is still the same one.

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6 thoughts on “1Q84 from Chiang Mai

  1. LOVE this! Now I have a book to discover and a song to find! And isn't that the beauty and the power of great art – to melt the rest away and bring us all together!

  2. My brother worked in Hong Kong last year and when we talked on the phone, I would always think it strange that his voice was the same distance away whether he was in Chicago or China. In a world with such amazing technology, distance is no longer what it used to be. We are all connected.

  3. I love how your mind works. I had to go to the window to just catch a glimpse of the moon glowing overhead because you inspire me so.

  4. I've felt so disconnected lately in so many ways, and this brings me back to the bigger picture. We share more than we realize. We just have to take the time to think about what we share rather than looking at the stretching gaps.