It Doesn’t Take Much

We arrived in Santa Barbara, our home among homes. This little town is the place where we both have spent a good third of our lives. It’s where we’ve met some of our best friends, it’s where Toby & I found each other, it’s where we learned some of the most important lessons about ourselves and life, and it’s where we vowed to love and support each other for the rest of our lives.

You could say Santa Barbara has meaning for us.

And we return now to witness two of our dearest friends commit themselves to each other, in front of all their family and friends.

So our first day back in Santa Barbara, we didn’t spend our time seeing the sights or reminiscing over key places. We didn’t tour our old campus or hit up a list of favorite spots.

We spent it on the floor of our friends’ apartment gluing, pasting, folding, tying, and taping together elements of a wedding. We spent it chatting, with sips of coffee smuggled in between assembly-line wrapped silverware, and we spent it with hugs and laughter over bits of small talk and casual conversation. This wasn’t a “catching up on everything deep that has ever happened in the past two years.” It was a “How the heck do we do these seating arrangements, and oh, by the way, did you guys see that Jeb Corliss video? Hold my ribbon and watch this.”

And it was perfect.

It was perfect because, if we still lived in Santa Barbara, this is exactly what we would be doing. Helping each other, having fun, and just enjoying an endless stream of jokes and laughter. No fuss, no frills. Just being.

The best friends are the ones with whom you can just be.

Each Thursday, we come together to celebrate living life with intention by capturing a glimmer of the bigger picture through a simple moment. Have you found yourself in such a moment lately? Share it with us! 

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.
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9 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Take Much

  1. Oh it is so true. Just being is so important and we all should be thankful for the besties that let us be just that. Le sigh… I'm happy that you are having a blast in California. I am pleased to hear that your friendships endure distance and time- true friendships are magical in that way.



  2. So true! This is one of my favorite things about visiting my family. We never have any grand plans. We just sit around in our pajamas re-telling the same old stories and laughing as hard as the first time they happened. Just having everyone under the same roof means more than anything.

  3. So VERY true! It's like picking up right where you left off, that easy conversation and comfort of just being…ah…enjoy my friend…enjoy.

  4. We have friends like this, too, where we can come together after a large gap and time and just be. There's no trying to cram every moment of time lost into conversation .. it just flows like we've never been apart. And it's beautiful. Hope your time is continually enjoyable!

  5. Oh, I love this. It is the being together that is so desired. When I miss my family back in Australia, I miss the every day things the most. That's what I long for.

    Glad you had such a perfect time in this special place.

  6. I love this.

    I was just thinking about this as my dear friends and I were trying to plan a chance to get together. I love it the ease at which we can pick back up.