Scenes From My Weekend

a weekend spent baking Christmas cookies and
making Christmas crafts with the kids at my work

(the photo of me writing wasn’t taken by me
- obviously -
that is the talent of Mr. Tawee Donchai)


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6 thoughts on “Scenes From My Weekend

  1. What a beautiful weekend you had! I wanted to thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. I left a comment on there but wanted to make sure that I came over here to let you know what a wonderful person I think you are…for the work that you do. It says alot about you and the person you are. The world is a better place because of you.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Sonya,Thank you so much for your really sweet and generous comments! I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to respond; I wanted to give a proper response and needed to get a quiet moment to do so. It's really so very kind of you to say all that. I must confess, you're too kind. Most days I don't feel I'm accomplishing much more than being present…and to be honest, sometimes I'm not even really that. But I've seen too much of the ugliness humans do to each other to not do anything, you know? I'm no heroine though. It's women, boys, and girls like you who have gone through it and who manage to become not just victims, but survivors, who are the real heroes. I've seen some of the worst in men, but I've also seen some of the best in men, and the strength that people like you exhibit is also what makes this world a better place. I'm glad I came across your blog and your story, and I send all my best warm wishes to you for a wonderful holiday season and a bright, shining new year to come.Warmly. Jade