Scenes From My Weekend

You might say I’ve gotten into the Christmas spirit.

It started with a little Sufjan Stevens and prettying some jars for candles.

And then there were the paper trees.

Then, in between gift wrapping and tree trimming, there were bird seed ornaments.

And possibly even some cheesy herb biscuits. (Because I was hungry and all I had in the house was Bisquick, basil, and the last of the parmesan.)

Okay, maybe that’s not so Christmas-y.

But…paper trees!

I might have even infected this guy with the holiday spirit.


Have you caught the holiday bug yet?


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6 thoughts on “Scenes From My Weekend

  1. Love it all! The trees are brilliant and the ornaments are super cool. Are they easy to make? Seems like a perfectly relaxed weekend! :)

    • Yah they're super easy to make! Here's how to make the paper trees:… I didn't use the stencil. I just traced a Christmas tree cookie cutter I have to make the small ones, then free-handed a stencil for the large ones. Then here's how to make the bird seed ornaments:… I made mine around 8 in the evening and let them harden until about noon the next day and it worked perfectly. I couldn't find corn syrup, so I used honey, which worked just fine…but I'm not sure it's the best to use here in Thailand, with the potential for mold. If you know where to find corn syrup in Chiang Mai, let me know because I'd love to make these again this weekend with the kids at the NGO I work with!

  2. Cool paper trees! What a great idea for word lovers! After a couple of holiday concerts, I am definitely in the holiday spirit. Music does it for me! Happy holidays to you, Jade!