A Coffee Chat

Dishes are done, laundry is put away, floors are swept, bathroom mirrors are swiped clean. The kitchen counters are clear. I think it might rain a little today. It would be lovely if it did.

It’s quiet as the dust settles after the storm that was our last year.

I’ve been wanting to buy plants to have in various spots around our house, but I have a talent for killing anything green. Even mint. I’ve been known to kill an herb that, in any other household, behaves like a nefarious weed (but we forgive it because it’s so tasty in Thai food and cocktails). Everything from lemongrass to baby orchids have perished under my watchful care. So I shy away from plant buying, because really, it’s tragic what I do to green things.

But I love having bright, pretty things to surround me in my house. In Thailand, at a dollar a bunch for fantastical orchids, it’s no strain on the wallet. I am, however, also lazy and don’t like to go out and buy flowers all the time or clean up the stinky mess when their stems begin to mold before the flower itself even droops.

So I’ve succumbed. I’m on a mission to acquire fake flowers to add a bit of color to my bathroom and living space.

(Don’t worry; I won’t make you look at my bathroom.)

I do like the irony of the fact that it’s after all the guests leave that I beautify my home.

And I’ve come to terms with fabric flowers. No deaths, no clean up. So I can focus on other things, like morning yoga.


The approach to my yoga studio.

And Marmite, cheese, & tomato sandwiches.

My dad turned me on to these. Are you a fan of Marmite? It seems it’s a subject of hot contention, especially if you’re from the U.K. or any of the Commonwealth nations.

You either love it or hate it. Or you prefer Vegemite or Promite. Which you prefer often says more about where you hail from than anything else, or so I hear. My dad’s South African, and so it’s from him, I inherited the Marmite gene. But it must be consumed with cheese and tomato.

Anyway, I have some big(ish) news!

First, an article of mine has been published on the travel & culture site, Matador Network! You can read my article on how to Be the Kind of Volunteer an NGO Wants.

Second, I’ve contributed some writing to this anthology, Voices of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Experience, recently published by ABC-CLIO. And at the low, low price of $189 (wtf?!), I expect you all to purchase at least two copies. It’s a steal.

Anyway, that’s it for me. What’s going on in your pocket of the world? Show us! Snap a photo and link up to Communal Global! Happy Tuesday everyone!


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11 thoughts on “A Coffee Chat

  1. I did eat Marmite when I ate beef, but it's Vegemite for me now.

    So proud of you for your writing contributions!!

    How awesome are you?! …totally awesome!!

    • Is that because of the flavor? Because Marmite is vegetarian-friendly…Thanks my dear! I really appreciate your sweet words and support!!

  2. Your living room is gorgeous! Love the neutrals. Wondering how you escaped all the ugly curtains we use to get in our furnished homes! Anyway, looks peaceful, and like a refuge.

    I'm a no go on any of those spreads with "ite" in the name. :) Had some in Brisbane, couldn't do it!

    Congrats on all your features!

    • Thanks so much! Yeah, we lucked out with having a landlord with decent taste in decor. We do have one wall in our dining room and one in our kitchen that's bright, tomato red, which isn't exactly my first choice, but I'm learning to work with it. Hence a lot of our accent decor is Akha style, purchased from the night markets: bold blues, reds, browns, and blacks. Definitely a different end of the color spectrum than I'm used to, but it seems to work okay!Haha – those “ite” spreads do have an intense flavor. I can understand how it would be too strong and salty.

  3. Congratulations on having your piece included in an anthology! How exciting. :)

    Ooh, the space you have…. I love it! I wish space is not at such a premium here in HK.

    I'm with Kim on the "..ite" spreads. Can't do any of those. :)

  4. One goal share by my friends and host family the ENTIRE year I was in New Zealand was to get me to eat Vegemite. Ick, no thanks. It tastes like moldy salt.

    • I've never actually tasted Vegemite. Marmite tastes like beef bouillon – salty and savory. But still, not for everyone.

  5. I believe that having fabric flowers is perfectly acceptable – and so much more convincing these days than they used to be. Your sandwich sounds interesting (don't believe we have any of the Vegemite or Maramite in my neck of the woods) – I especially like the composition of your first food shot.