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Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative
Austin Kleon

Yesterday, I told you about how refreshed and inspired I felt for the new year and how I cleaned up house to prepare for all that creative flow. Well you know how that happened? I owe it all to this book.

I was in a bookstore in Bangkok, passing time until my flight, when I saw this book. I read the whole thing standing up in the bookstore while other unfortunate shoppers had to crane their necks around me to see the stacks better. I was enthralled. Kleon is just such a personable writer and his book is just full of stories and tips that speak to your inner-creative and whisper to her that it’s okay to come out.

The book initially started as a talk Kleon gave to a group of college students. The video of the talk went viral, so he sat down and put it in a really visual, fun to peruse book. Pages like this, I want to staple to my walls:

Photo courtesy of Austin Kleon (

Steal Like An Artist  is full of great tips to incorporate into your creative practice, it’s a fun, engaging read that makes you feel like the author is totally not an asshole (sadly, something that cannot be said about a large number of artists), and it really makes you just want to get out and do. This is a book I’ll hold on to, for use whenever I need a refreshing kick in the butt to either just write or to put myself out there more.

I might also possibly steal his music.

*     *     *

In other news: I’m hosting another Reading Circles Goes LIVE! event on January 31, 8 p.m. CST where a small group of book lovers can join me (via Google Hangout) reading & discussing a book to delve into how an author works his or her magic. It’s like a virtual Book Club – for writers! Full details on Bigger Picture Blogs’ website HERE. If you want to join in, be sure to RSVP and vote on which book you want to read!

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    • Feel free to join in if you\’re interested in any of the book selections! Also: I\’m totally open to recommendations for the next Reading Circle, which will probably be around the end of Feb/beginning of March.